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03-11-2013, 07:16 AM
During the night I was woken by some odd sound, & opened my eyes as I lay on my side, looking towards my bedside table. Right on the corner was a dull, orange-yellow circular light, as if drawn in outline. It then developed an "eye", which turned to focus on me; as I gaped at it, it put out 2 little "legs", & 2 little stick arms & then proceeded to make hand movements as if picking its nose (!). I was dumbfounded, & had the feeling that it was harmless but of malevolent intent; I mentally told it to "buzz off", which it did. . . . . it seemed to slide into the wall.

What on earth could it have been - astral wildlife?

07-17-2013, 03:15 AM
I just stumbled across this thread now and I too have seen something of what you are talking about and always around 3am give or take an hour or so. I seen them as you describe while fully awake on on a cement fence. They were more shadowy like in appearance and when still they just appeared as circles about 2 ft in circumference. When they moved you can see skinny legs protruding from the sides and as they scurried along when stopped their legs withdrew. I did not see no eye though.

What I seen was about four of these things 2D on a wall of a building fence adjacent to the hospital I was working at. I was so amazed with this peculiarity 2d observation I dragged two cute nurses from their duties and asked them to tell me what they see. They observed it also and had no idea except it might be some light shadow trick on the wall presenting an illusion. I think they thought I was flirting with them also.

It's funny that you made a joke about being some astral wildlife for I thought something similar and viewed them as astral crabs.