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05-12-2013, 03:43 AM
I started listening to some of this guys videos and read some of his website. It's very cool stuff. Talks a lot about souls going into other bodies, into other dimensions to perform missions, mind control, milabs, advanced alien technology and more. There's also a lot of talk about cloning which is very interesting. I ordered his book and can't wait to read it.

His website http://supersoldiertalk.com/

His youtube page: http://www.youtube.com/user/supreme600/videos?flow=grid&view=0

05-12-2013, 12:38 PM
I enjoyed the George Clooney movie "Men Who Stare At Goats".

05-12-2013, 12:51 PM
I enjoyed the George Clooney movie "Men Who Stare At Goats".
That one's on my to see list. Duncan O'finian and another military guy said they actually stare at goats to kill them in training. As well as other things like stare at a bucket of water and learn to pick it up, dump it, and put it back down with your mind. They talked about that movie. I think one of the characters was based on a real person or something like that they said.

05-12-2013, 05:24 PM
It was a good movie. Thumbs up.
But be prepared for some biting satire.
Not particularly flattering, the movie presents it as (IMO) fringe science conducted by the US military.
Clooney character (super soilder, out & about) was so ernest it seemed almost comical at times.

05-12-2013, 05:32 PM
I enjoyed the George Clooney movie "Men Who Stare At Goats".

It was a decent film, recommended viewing in person and not through remote viewing.

07-29-2013, 05:11 AM
Just watched this video where she mentions James Rink and the Neo Cube. She is suspicious saying that he is heavily handled and his stuff is mixed truth + disinformation. He says he has reptilian genes and he shapeshifts, hmmm... She mentions how he wouldn't take down her friend's testimony online with him when she requested it because she was getting harassed for it. She says that the cube can attract bad experiences. I got abducted after my first week with the cube. The cube does do something, you can feel it, so the safest way is to maintain a positive intent and control your thoughts with it lest you attract something bad. It gets you right into a trance state which feels really good afterwards. But as sincere as people are, if they're involved in milab projects and mind control their info could be tainted. He does seem like a good positive guy though.

(you can speed the video up by clicking the gear icon)

07-29-2013, 06:58 PM
Here's some stuff from his book Lone Wolf (http://www.lulu.com/us/en/shop/james-rink/lone-wolf/paperback/product-20375268.html).

->said to be a reptilian , 9 ft. tall, benevolent, named Travik by by someone who claimed to be a hybrid he talked to ('Sanni Ceto')

->was seen on a ship, also being used as an experiment due to his reptilian genetics

->says he has claw-like toe-nails

->remote viewer saw him on a ship with reptilian handlers. (a 'handler' often refers to a person who has complete control over a victim of trauma-based mind-control. They can trigger different alter personalities with words and visuals). doesn't sound like a benevolent bunch...

->says his consciousness is transferred to different avatars including genetically and technologically enhanced humans as well as reptilians and other alien forms

->says he also shapeshifts into various different body forms

->This is interesting in regards to Fluorescence found on abductees: he mentions 'compound c' is injected during abductions:

"If I am in a cloned avatar body and they want to shapeshift me, or as the aliens call it, transmorphing, they would first place my avatar body in a Trip Chair. Then give him a drug called compound C. It contains a mixture of enzymes created from bioluminescent (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bioluminescence) plants which are only found growing in Inner Earth and in tropical caves. The public sector doesn’t have access, but the Black Ops shadow government does. From what I was told, if I were to get this injection it would most likely kill me, but my clone avatar he can tolerate it. "

"Compound C serves two purposes. First it allows the nanites to connect to the codons in the avatar’s DNA, activating any genetic code they want. And the injection also contains the memories they want me to have.
Once I get the injection, my body begins to transmorph causing my bones morph into Pri metal which is similar to gold but is as strong as diamonds, and my muscles grow huge. At this point, my alter comes out and is placed into the Trip Chair or whatever other training might be needed. I stay like this for 5 to 10 days then I revert back to normal. They then move the memories around and afterwards I don’t remember a thing other than extreme exhaustion and fatigue. It sounds like something from a science fiction movie but this is what appears to be occurring. "

-->Here's another interesting excerpt from Lone Wolf:

"The following information was gleaned clairvoyantly by another fellow Montauk survivor. I was curious to learn more about my reptilian form. With the clues given to me by Sanni Ceto, all I knew was that I could shapeshift into an 8-foot tall Reptilian named Travik when on the spaceships.

Well, this other intuitive feels that wasn’t entirely accurate. My reptilian name is actually Dravic. I have the ability to shapeshift into three reptilian forms: a golden form, a silver version, and a green version.

He then saw me on a MILAB mission in which the government wanted me to infiltrate Orion Prime, the Draco home world. They activated my reptilian form to blend in and thanks to my Super Soldier programming I could hide my true intentions. While he was telling me this, I could see myself there. The city contained giant spires like you see in Coruscant, in the Star Wars movie series. I went down a megalithic hallway to deliver an annual report on how the secret government was progressing here on Earth. It contained a catalogue of everything they were doing:

“In this report I see a list of how many human babies the Draco’s ate. There are details about the sex and blood orgies and their sexual practices on Orion Prime.
They basically plug themselves into cloned avatars of the Grey species and use them for blood orgies. This is an accepted practice and considered a normal and healthy part of an everyday Draco’s life.

There was also a list of how many humans were being abducted each year and brought back to Orion Prime for rituals…,about 75,000 people. These Earth humans would be forced to participate in blood drinking rituals that contained pentagrams and other strange things. They also did this to Greys, though I don’t know how many of them were being abducted. The subjects would then have their memories erased and they were brought back in a traumatized state.”

When my friend was reading this report, my finger was covering up some of the numbers so he asked me to move it out of the way. After focusing my intent, I saw myself slowly moving my talons out of the way.

“Move your finger a little bit more—good. There is also list which shows how many spaceships the Reptilians had given to the shadow government, about 100, as well as the amount of credit each ship was worth.

I see pictures of brown robotic Greys with metal appendages and how many of these were given to the U.S. government each year— about 100,000 units. These beings do not have souls and are simply biological androids enhanced with nanotechnology. They are prone to breaking down often.

It appears they are being used for some kind of breeding program. Inside these robots is a round receptacle between the legs. There is some kind of device which makes contact with a male human ***** and extracts semen. Its then stored inside the unit and injected with nanotechnology to alter it. Once the semen is changed, the robot puts on a different receptacle and implants this semen into an unwitting female human. These beings are also used to drug people. They can also target people they don’t like and infect them with illnesses.”

I am not sure what to make of this. I feel like it is true and I felt like I was really there. So I will let you decide what to believe. "

At least some of the info' he gets from 'regressing' people is false as one regressed person (SuperSoldier Alex Diaz) delivered info' that the world's power grid would shut down on dec 21 2012 and that didn't happen. Interesting stuff though if you're into aliens and that.

AS A SIDE NOTE: A lot of milabs, black op's and super-soldier stuff mentions the use of stargates that allow instant travel across vast distances, including other worlds. This is different information than what we get from 'Life in The Universe' by Marshall Summers who channeled 'The Allies of Humanity' books. LITU says that traveling across vast distances in space is not common and crossing dimensions through stargates or wormholes is difficult, dangerous and rarely practiced in the 'greater community of life in the universe'. IDK what to make of it though, there are conflicting stories in everything with these subjects.

07-29-2013, 08:16 PM
forgot to add, it's also mentioned in the book that he talked to a reptilian through a human channel online who said his father was a hybrid pleiadean/reptilian. he says that he has reptilian genes in his body.

08-11-2013, 06:00 PM
There are no 'Super Soldiers' above ground, even less them writing books or talking on conferences. If there were, they would be able to demonstrate their abilities.

There is also no such thing are 'Orion Prime', even less such a place being the homeworld of the "Draco".

Wormholes and stellar gates exist, and are most often used if traveling longer distances, few forms of near-light-speed to superluminal travel exist for shorter distances between stars. Allies of humanity is full of disinformation, and I would lay the down, but I wold go far off topic.

08-11-2013, 06:38 PM
A lot of the 'enhanced-soldier' milab stuff is pretty out there. I don't doubt that a lot of these people are being used for some sort of project or experiment though what they say and think they're involved in could be way off from what they're actually doing. Trauma-based mind-control, splitting the mind into seperate and distinct personalities is used on most of these people. So that means they've been under severe control, often with implanted memories so we really don't know if what they're saying is true, though I'm sure a lot of them believe it.

Their everyday personality is supposed to be a different alter from the one that's being use by black op's so it won't have access to any enhanced abilities so as to not cause a scene. I used to think military abductions were just human military interrogating alien abductees but it looks like there's more to it. Scenes of aliens and human military with the same abductee, aliens pretending to be humans and what might be evidence of advanced alien technology, like cloning and soul transfer. Maybe they transfer the soul or 'consciousness' of someone and put it in another body while they're sleeping, maybe with a fluorescent liquid like in a karla turner book? The shapeshifting bit is hard to believe due to 'compund-c' so I suspect soul or mind transfer to another body as more likely. Maybe it's all just psychological manipulation to cover up something else who knows. But we do know that the military uses mind-control, remote viewers and people get abducted all the time.

What I don't like though is with all this hype of 'supersoldiers' seeming like a cool thing. If people think it's cool to have cybernetic limbs, nano-implants, clones and psychic and artificially enhanced abilities, like in the movies they might overlook the plain evil of these projects and not hold the bad guys accountable. Spinning supersoldier stories as cool could also be used as propaganda to sell the public on transhumanism as well.

08-11-2013, 06:58 PM
The 'super soldier' thing is not done by split personality, and they should have the abilities in any time of the day. This is why I think its manipulation through disinformation. Its convenient that these guys can't display their powers through an excuse that they had a mental block placed on them that prevents that and the same blockage is lifted when their 'handlers' need them for some mission.

This reminds me a lot of Aaron McCollum, who, incidentally, is also associated with these 'super-soldier' folk, and Duncan o Finian.

There is a parallel human civlization living underground that has these abilities 24/7, and are part of the actual space program involving off-planet missions. They are not involved with above ground Earth affairs, even less making panel discussions, selling books or appearing on radio talk shows.

I'm sure there are a lot of "manjurian candidate" style brainwahsed/mentally-split individuals above ground, but I doubt they match the abilities the humans underground have. If what truth is there about these experiments, its most likely solely above-ground-humans.

Also, transhumanism is not negative. Neither is a concept of a NWO or global government. Its who spins these concepts, and what do they want to accomplish with them. The devil is in the details. Transhumanism can be good or bad, and considering the present tempo, it will most likely be bad. What I'm trying to convey is, most people start to hate and demonize the concept and idea, rather than the true culprits who will abuse this concept or idea to further pursue a personal agenda not beneficial to the rest of the world.

08-11-2013, 09:07 PM
I think they program different alters, to maintain control? If a supertelikinetic supersoldier could use his abilities in everyday life, it might turn into chaos. So maybe it's only certain alters that have the abilities.For example, you could have a top-notch physicist with a strong personality and intellect, but if you fracture his mind into alters and put in Beta-Cat programming in one of them, all it takes is a 'trigger' to turn that physicist into a dumb sex slave. So maybe these supersoldier abilities are latent or turned off in some people, certain everyday alters.

But I'm not entirely sure sometimes I wonder if they are transporting the consciousness of someone into an 'enhanced' cloned body that is stored in some base somewhere ready to be used for whatever. But then, why don't they just keep the supersoldier's body AND consciousness together in some underground base instead of going through the trouble of abducting people and erasing their memories? Well apparently one explanation is Project Surrogate where the 'supersoldier''s enhanced embryo is put into the womb of a surrogate mother to be raise in a normal family. The normal family life is supposed to allow that embryo to develop better than if the child was raised in a harsh military base with no family; it's supposed to make them better 'soldiers' er, mind-controlled slaves. I'm really not sure about it all but my personal experience with an odd guy I used to live with makes me think there's more of a reality to this, he had many indications that he was being used somehow and might've had some genetic enhancements. Actually the older videos of James Casbolt remind me a lot of him, as well as Aaron McCollum a bit. Except smarter and more cold (though he could put up a convincingly warm front).

And it's interesting with all the rush of these connected stories are coming out and the building sensationalism of it could be disinformation or a distraction of some kind. Maybe tricking abductees into thinking they're used in glorious agendas though it could be more basic, pridesquashing experiments, and maybe they're just sleeper agents in some cases. I don't know but it's interesting as hell all these stories with advanced alien technology, cloning, cybernetics and wormholes. That stuff is better than most of the stuff on TV. Though if there is truth to these projects and these crazy things are going on, then it presents a whole new reality that we're living in with many implications.

Good point on transhumanism.

08-19-2014, 04:14 PM
I've had these pictures for a while (like a year) and thought I would share them here. They show how the neo cube is a scam, at least the one I bought. It cost me a week's pay of busting my ass to pay for this black magic, scam product.

HERE (http://chronus97.imgur.com/all/)

You pay to have real copper cones inside the cube with gemstones, seashells, a real pearl, and different metals. What you get is mostly a bunch of metal foil and wads and wads of hair wrapped up in tape with PLASTIC cones NOT copper.

So don't buy a neo cube unless you like supporting people who lie and rip people off. This is why there's a disclaimer to not open cubes made around a certain date - so you don't see the rip off. You can see that I melted the fake copper cones with a lighter so you can see it's meltable plastic, not copper.

And even though there's no real copper, I still believe there is a real, energetic, black-magic effect these cubes have. Especially since they contain a bunch of human hair. Any occultist will tell you that's black magic. My first meditation with the cube ('gatekey' model) involved a shadowy figure lunging at me in my mind's eye, though it was as clear and vivid as day. So that is suspicious.

I can't speculate too much about this, I just want to express my disappointment with the product so people know.

Charlie Prime
08-20-2014, 02:40 AM
I enjoyed the George Clooney movie "Men Who Stare At Goats".

Here is an interview with General Albert Stubblebine, the man who ran the actual "Psy Soldier" program...



"General Albert Stubblebine, (West Point, class of 52) ...retired as the Commanding General of the United States Army Intelligence and Security Command"

In the interview he discusses how the movie mischaracterized the "Men Who Stare at Goats" program.

He's very old, so he rambles on about his childhood a lot in the beginning. He starts talking about the program after about the 25 minute mark.