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06-02-2013, 10:22 PM
From Filer's Files #22-2013:

Worldwide Sightings Australia Sunset Mary Rodwell writes, “I thought this was spectacular, as you know I have taken many anomalous lights in Agnes Water but this was taken last night by a local resident who lives just down the hill from my home.”
Mary Rodwell www.acern.com.au (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.acern.com.au/&lid=85004&uid=2816118&sid=32446&mid=27757)
http://www.listrocket.com/ktml2/user/1241_M837Hca3MN/images/uploads/_22_body_1369963561/image_30.jpegGiles reports, “I just had an urge to take a couple of snaps outside of the sky, I didn’t see anything. I have zoomed in a little and adjusted the brightness as it was very bright. Photo taken at 6-15pm on Monday 13th May 2013 with a Nikon D3100 with a UV filter (no idea why I left the filter on).Here you go Mary I have included the original and the adjusted image.”
Thanks to Mary Rodwell and Giles Campbell
http://www.listrocket.com/ktml2/user/1241_M837Hca3MN/images/uploads/_22_body_1369963561/image_31.jpeg Yanchep -- The sunsets in WA Australia are spectacular so I usually try to capture a gem with my iPhone 4G on my daily walk/jog along the beach and sand dunes 60 km north of Perth city.
I ran down a steep 100 meter sand dune to get to the beach for a clear view of the setting sun. I stopped momentarily to take a quick shot before I lost it below the horizon. I couldn't make out with clarity the nature of a dark, 'glowing' object at the top right of the sun (see photo). A few seconds later, the object was gone! I spoke to some fishermen about the disc being tilted towards them and they exhibited signs of anxiety. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Canada Sightings http://www.listrocket.com/ktml2/user/1241_M837Hca3MN/images/uploads/_22_body_1369963561/image_32.jpegB.C. -- I sent you this a while back, and the UFO on the left is quite clear, but after playing with the contrast, I noticed the circle on the right side, in the top of a 200 foot tree in B.C., has what looks like buildings inside, and when the contrast is boosted, there are other circles that appear, which have geometrical designs.
Could these be inter dimensional portals or something? There's definitely something inside the circle in the tree when you zoom in, and I'm sure it was a building with windows.
This scenario was at 1 am, and totally silent. The circle in the right hand tree is really weird, especially when you zoom in and begin to make out structure that has rectangular and precise windows...very strange. Dana Fitzgerald
http://www.listrocket.com/ktml2/user/1241_M837Hca3MN/images/uploads/_22_body_1369963561/image_33.jpegFort Providence, Northwest Territories -- I saw a bright yellowish light that just appeared in the sky. It was going in one straight direction, and then it slowed down and then faded away.
It was Saturday May 18th, 2013, and I took a short clip of it in the dark.
It was in space or closer. Thanks to William Puckett, Director http://www.UFOsnw.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufosnw.com/&lid=75167&uid=2816118&sid=32446&mid=27757)

06-02-2013, 10:22 PM
India Sighting of a Weird Aircraft.
Thane – A craft passed over my head unlike any of the airplanes having a single non-blinking light on May 2, 2013, at 10 PM. It went off after some time as if a stealth mode was activated. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center http://www.UFOcenter.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufocenter.com/&lid=56214&uid=2816118&sid=32446&mid=27757)
PhilippinesRainbow Colored Meteorite gungab, albuera, leyte -- I was watching a basketball game at our small town when suddenly a rainbow colored meteorite or something quickly passed above me and disappeared on April 28, 2013. I can't remember if this happened two or three times. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center http://www.UFOcenter.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufocenter.com/&lid=85005&uid=2816118&sid=32446&mid=27757)
Puerto Rico Red Orbs in Formation
Vega Baja – Two to three dozen glowing red objects were seen by three witnesses in the skies on May 2, 2013, flying in close formation. This happened about 10 PM, and lasted a good 25 to 30 minutes. There were clear skies for a 20 mile radius. The objects seem to be flying along the coast heading inland. There was a red formation of pulsating orbs. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center http://www.UFOcenter.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufocenter.com/&lid=56214&uid=2816118&sid=32446&mid=27757)
South Africa Sighting in Africa Skies
JOHANNESBURG – There were clear night skies with plenty of visible stars in the sky on May 15, 2013. I went out to see if smoke was coming out of my chimney when a saw a bright orange light (almost like a meteor) light pass from east to west in about 2 to 3 seconds
I told my family but they weren’t interested.

I came outside again to see if it will happen again. Moments later I saw a bright white light just appear far in the sky from the south moving towards the north but the light become faint and just disappeared after about a minute. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center http://www.UFOcenter.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufocenter.com/&lid=56214&uid=2816118&sid=32446&mid=27757)
Sweden Star
Bromölla -- I was home in my small town sitting outside talking about UFOs and aliens on May 10, 2013, and at this moment both of us noticed a bright moving star-like object flying straight south. Then another bright star-like object appeared at the line the first one was flying but flying the other direction. When the second one appeared the first one slowly disappeared and faded away. The second one did hold that line and traveled as far I could see. Not sure if this really was an ufo or something else. The event is worth telling and had feelings of awesomeness! :) Thanks to MUFON CMS
TurkeyBright Star ISTANBUL -- I was telling my friend that I photographed Jupiter on May 12, 2013, and saw a bright star. I showed it to her and thought this one could be a planet or space station, because it was so bright. Then I stopped walking to check if it was stationary or not. Then the "bright star" just drew a path like a check sign and disappeared behind the buildings. The change of path was like it hit some wall and bounced. Thanks to MUFON CMS
UK England Multiple 'Balls of Light' Southend on sea, essex -- I was looking out my window at the moon on very clear night on April 28, 2013, and noted just up above me was a big high glowing orange and yellow orb. I got my phone and started to film as I did I watched with my eyes on and off camera as it seemed to go straight into the moon pulsing.

Then it comes from what looked like from behind the moon traveling to my right getting brighter. Then it seemed to start going away from me Over Sea to Kent and then lost sight over some roofs. I was very surprised to see such a thing and took a video that lasted for about two minutes. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Kirton/Boston, Lincolnshire -- I observed a 'swarm' of 15-20 blue/purple lights moving southwest on April 13, 2013, at 9:05 PM. Initially I thought the colorful cluster was a collection of balloons, but I observed a cluster of 15-20 blue/purple lights moving against the wind. Thanks to Peter Davenport, Director National UFO Reporting Center http://www.UFOcenter.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.UFOcenter.com&lid=64571&uid=2816118&sid=32446&mid=27757)