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09-15-2013, 09:37 PM
Eva Draconis writes the website www.orionmindproject.com

She was a scientist and tries to document all of her alien, abduction and strange experiences. With the amount of writing she's done it's really impressive to find the absence of spelling mistakes or grammatical errors.

She posted this article today, then took it down. But put it back up again so I'm sharing it here. I have some thoughts about it.. But I'll just post i here first.


"The Truth
September 15 2013

Do not read this

This will be a very difficult topic to write about. And I don't expect you to understand this topic, because truth be told I don't understand it either. This involves sadistic aliens, MKULTRA and parallel dimensions.

I ended up removing this page. It talks about something The Eye showed me last night about our reality. It reveals, possibly, the entire Agenda. It is liberating to know, it gives us great power, it changes everything. But truth be told, I don't know if the public is ready for this text. If you are all ready to wake up.

Update: the page is back up. I might take it down again. I don't know if people are ready for this. Of course, I know that people have the right to know, but it can be a kind of Pandora's box, once you've read it and if it really hits you and has full effect, then you and life will never be the same. I found personally however that the sense of freedom and understanding from knowing this truth far outweighed the sense of atrocities of finding out that I am in some alien hospital being used as a battery.

By reading this page you consent to opening Pandora's box. If the contents of this page fully reach through to you, expect your life to be turned upside down. At your own risk. There are several movies you can watch that will help you process this situation. Watch The Matrix. There is also that other movie which I describe further down on the page, don't know the name of that movie.

Agenda Aliens who visit humans can present to us physical UFO spaceships in the sky in this dimension and world of ours. But the Aliens themselves can visit a person in their home, the Aliens will be in another dimension and we will be in ours. They will see us and generally the human does not see them. It seems that alien implants are used on abductees to let them see and hear the aliens. It seems that human beings are aware in this dimension of ours and our human senses of awareness are unaware of the other worlds.

When the Aliens abduct me my physical body stays in bed all this time. I have even filmed myself throughout the night two times and my body stays put. Alien abductions occur where the Alien interacts with the human body in the other dimension. It seems that another copy or version of the human abductee exists in the other dimension inhabited by the Aliens.

That is why I can have abduction and alien interaction experiences even while I'm awake. Have other abductees had this? I can be sitting here in my home and wide awake, and I will be made aware of another place, another room in the alien spaceship with the Aliens there and another version of my body already there.

We keep you strapped down. So that you don't tremor! - say the Aliens
Am I there all this time? Am I? Or only sometimes? I don't know how this works. - me
The Santinians don't want you to know. Or play around with us. - says a Dark Lord
Ok. - me
We are better not be known, by you. - Dark Lord
And don't call me Mr. Fuss! - Dark Lord, I like to call them Fussubus because it rhymes with Incubus and they cause a lot of Fuss

The abduction experience, when I lay down in bed at night and start falling asleep, I will become aware of my body as if it were already laying on their medical table in the alien base with aliens all around. I will see my naked body on its back there, with Thubans, Zetas, and Insect Mantises, sometimes Hamish, around the table looking at me. But my body will still be here in bed. So in the process of falling asleep, it may seem as if there takes place a gradual transfer of body from this place and into theirs. As if my body were gradually transported from my bed and onto their table, because my mind is gradually becoming less aware of being in bed here, and more aware of being there on their bench.

However I am arriving at a horrible conclusion, contrary to the usual understanding of the alien abduction experience. So first of all, the body is not taken physically, meaning my physical flesh and bone body is not walked or carried from my home in this world and into the alien base. That does not happen. And it is also not the case of gradually taking my body from here to there. But what I'm finding is that it is also not the case that abductions occur sometimes,

but I'm finding out that another version of my body exists somewhere else in another dimension at all times.

It is just that sometimes I am aware of myself here only, in the human world. And sometimes I am aware over there. Or is this the wrong conclusion? Because the Aliens say that they come and get me every night at 4 AM. I don't know how this works.

I awake in a hospital

On a few occasions I have been shown myself, or another version of me, lying in a hospital bed. Her hair is my natural color, whereas here I have colored my hair for as long as I can remember. My hair over there is longer, and wavy. I am always asleep and naked under the covers. There are tubes going into my mouth and nose.

General Patton will be standing at the foot end of my bed.

So, welcome to the Battle at Syracuse. - says General Patton now
What is the Battle at Syracuse? - me
It's where we helped you get well. - says a Dark Lord
I don't understand? - me
Don't call me a Fussubus.. - Dark Lord

General Patton will be standing there, and often one of the other military officers is too. Sergeant Wilkes, or Captain Swansea. General Patton is not a general, and that is not his real name. He is my MKULTRA handler. He was with the US NAVY, he was either Marines or NAVY Seals, I forget which it was. He was in the Vietnam war. His hair is black, he is a robust build, and his left wrist is always hurting so he tends to rub his left wrist and flick his left hand. He has a little red metal toy car in the desk drawer, probably from his own childhood. He wears a black suit, never a military uniform.

Can you say Helter Skelter? - asks Malik
No, I cannot? How do I say it? - me
I wanted you to be our pet. - says Malik
So, the MKULTRA that is being done on me, is in fact done by aliens not humans? Am I right? - me
We wanted to take your heart, and amputate it. - says Malik
No, I won't give it to you. - me
We are not benign. - says Hamish or Malik
Whatever. You are a Fussubus. - me

So another version of me is in that hospital bed, and this was shown to me again last night or this morning. Immediately I start asking them questions. Who is she? And why does she look like me? Am I already abducted? Am I her, or am I me? Does she know about me?

It always leads toward the same conclusion, that she would be the real me and that this world I am in, the human world, is a dream.

09-15-2013, 09:37 PM

Let's rewind a bit. Evidence. Why do I not say to myself that these are all dreams and illusions and to shrug it off and get on with my life. I have seen real UFOs. Other people see the UFOs too. Those who control the UFOs can hear me telepathically, because they will adopt flight patterns according to my instructions. That lends credence to my telepathy being real. I've been successful with telepathy with people in real life. The Reptilians can toss me. Aliens can contort my arms and body and legs in ways I cannot reconstruct afterwards by myself. Malik once tore down books from the bookshelf and spread them all across the floor and tore one into four pieces. Aliens say things that I couldn't have known, that turn out to be accurate. And I couldn't be hallucinating the whole of the Alien Agenda and get all of the specifics accurate that I never read about, and the Agenda including all of its details can not be based on universal human psychological symbolism.

So I have to go with this. I need to know what goes on. I am feeling more and more like we humans are trapped in a cage, we are living in a pen in a zoo. Just because the pen has trees and bushes planted the animal thinks that it is in the wild. I am starting to think that the real me is living there with the Aliens

Yes, this is Pakeha. - Pakeha
Pakeha, tell me what is going on? - me
You are not at our zoo, yet. - Pakeha
Will I ever be? What is this human world? Is this a real world, and is yours a real world? Tell me what is happening? I don't understand. Help me understand. - me

Is the real me there in that hospital bed? And the me who is here is only a dream? Could a dream be so solid, so real to touch, to see, to smell, to feel, and to hear, as this? Dare I say, is it like in the movie The Matrix, are we all living in a holographic world? Because the human is an electronic device. What we see is made out of electronic signals decoded in our brain. What we feel, what we hear, it is all electric patterns in our brain. Even what we touch.

The Eye came to talk to me last night and he told me things that were so massive. The Eye let me in to see their world. I cannot transcribe into words the full complexity of what was said. But here is what he said, and I will try to dress it into our human words.

The Aliens are experimenting on humans to extract electrical energy out of us. That is the work they are doing with the libido, lust, juice, coffee, as they call it. That is why they give me the white powder sex drug under my nose. They also have another drug that they put as a dissolvable tablet on my tongue. These drugs what they do is flare up the human life force. I am sure it can all be explained in terms of neurobiology and chemistry.

Reptilians enjoy "feeling the power", or "feeling the lust" that is flared up in their victim, human or otherwise. There are also sadistic Zetas who love games of sadism with human abductees and with the hybrids. They love to play the dominance/submission game. That is why they call a human "cat", or "dog". It turns them on to feel superior. Even the Thubans play these games. Dark Lords such as Malik and Basmet rule over the Aliens, and also enjoy these energies that are extracted. Dark Lords then take that energy and forward it to their god, The Eye. In fact if you pass through the eye to the other side, you find a place that is filled with the energy that was taken from victims, their life force and souls. I have been shown that The Eye is a power grid. And that power is taken from living beings.

The cultural basis for the Agenda, their beliefs and practices, go like this: the world is a place, and when creatures are born, those creatures contain an amount of soul or life force. By making hybrid children in the Agenda, they are farming soul energy. That soul energy can then be harvested and put into The Eye. The Agenda sees no harm in playing with life, they see nothing unethical with making children in large numbers and then subjecting them to any manner of practices that extract their life force, even bringing them to death to take every last drop. In the reasoning of the Agenda, this cycle is bringing in more life from the other side where life comes from. They think they are doing a good thing. They do not understand that a living body owns its own soul and has the rights to its own life in a meaningful way and without harm. Living beings are batteries to them.

Drugs can be used to flare up the human life force. Sex is another major trigger of life force, that is why you see so much sex and rapes happening in the Agenda. They can also use torture, pain, and fear. I am lucky that they only or mostly use sex and the drugs on me. It is perhaps not as dangerous as some of their other methods.

There are many many things I will not write on a public website. Read the books if you want the full truth of the Agenda and Agenda Aliens.

So last night The Eye told me everything. Or at least he told me a lot. The Eye speaks. And he showed me how this world that we humans live in it is like a software program. Imagine a video game. An electronic world, made out of signals in our brain. A hologram. The Eye didn't just tell me this, he showed me.

What we are living in is an energy grid network for The Eye.

We are not compassionate, we have stolen many souls. - says Dark Lord Malik
I know, .. - me

This world that we live in, with its many things, objects, sights, sounds, things to touch, people, everything. We are living inside of a large video game, a software program, a hologram, a fake reality created by the Agenda. I am already living with the Aliens. They hold humans there, some held naked with wires to them in vertical water tanks. Others in hospital beds, I guess I am in a hospital bed because sometimes they wake me up and I get to walk around over there.

I have been shown the human men who are naked in vertical water tanks before. Big thick tubing run all across the floors that send water to and from the tanks. I once asked the Aliens, don't the human bodies get disrupted from their normal functioning to keep them in water? What about raisin fingers and toes? Human bodies absorb water because of osmosis. They told me that the water outside the body is the same as the water inside the body, so that does not happen.

I have been shown those humans in water tanks. They float suspended in the water, fully submerged in water. Wires go to them here and there. Feeding tubes, electrical wires and electrodes to their brain.

When The Eye told me last night that I am living in a dream here in this human world, and he told me that the real me is there in their laboratory being harvested for electrical energy, I said, but how can I think that I am here? How can I be dreaming this place? He then showed me the young man in the vertical water tank. "How about him?", said The Eye, and told me that he too lives in a human world, where he gets to run around and do things. That is when I knew.

I have been shown. Hybrid children strapped to electrodes in their brain. I have been shown. Most things I will not write here. MKULTRA ties to this.

The Agenda showed me how they can bring in Agents into our human world from the other place. Easy like putting holograms into a software computer game. Agents are often brought in here, they are the Men In Black. They come here wearing black suits. Agents. They walk among us. They ride our trains, they are in our cities.

We are living in some sort of advanced collective dream. Is that too weird to imagine how it works? Today we have computer games where different gamers online can each log in and play together with their characters in the same game platform. Two different gamers can see the same world platform and interact with one another.

The Eye explained to me how and why Law of Attraction works. The Eye gave me two examples from my life. He said, that at times when I had been under the impression that the Aliens extract a lot of my feces, I had noticed that I did not have bowel movements, as if truly I had been emptied elsewhere. But later when I got used to the idea of fecal samples, I no longer noticed this trend. The Eye said that just because I believed that I would not have bowel movements, they did not happen.

The Eye gave me another example. He said that when I felt that I was fat that is what my body was and I would see. He said that when I exercise I lose weight because I believe I will lose the weight. The body is a program. What we believe is reality. Reality comes from our beliefs, from what we see in our minds. Quantum Physics, Law of Attraction, all of it.

Hey it is exactly like in The Matrix. Once you realize this is an illusion you can begin to create things when you learn to believe. You can play with this hologram. Manifest objects, people, events, money, experiences, anything. Just go ahead. A car, a house, new clothes. Just believe. You see a reality that is a program. Change your belief, changes your reality, and changes your experience. Software program.

The Eye also confirmed my fears that it was the Agenda that made me lose my job. They did not want to see me working there.

My body is somewhere else, sleeping. With tubes down my mouth and nose, and electrodes into my body. I am sleeping in a software program where they let me experience the sensations of running, sitting, walking around. They let me roam around free in this holographic world. And I can interact with other people who are also sleeping, dreaming here. I will never tell them we are living in a dream. Let them sleep. And let me go back to sleep. I woke up once in that Alien world. I have seen what I am and where I am. I know what I am used for. As sheep, as cattle, a piece in a medical laboratory power grid network. Like bacteria in a petri dish in a laboratory.

09-15-2013, 09:38 PM
Pakeha has been

So guess why we call you Miss July! - Dark One
Why? I have no idea. Why do you call me Miss July? - me
It is no accident. - says Dark Lord
Please give me the answer. I am so tired of not knowing... - me
Miss July, is, Patton's wife. - says an Alien
What? I am married to Patton? What does that even mean? - me
We are not going to let you marry me yet. - says General Patton
Am I going to marry you General Patton? When do we get married? - me
You and Suleski might, hey. - says Patton
I don't know. I don't know at all. - me

Pakeha has been following me writing this and not once has he objected. So perhaps this makes sense to them. I don't want to ask them any questions, because I don't know what to ask.

I have seen that woman in that hospital bed. She has hair my natural color, and she looks like me. I once woke up in that hospital in Syracuse. I was awake, in a hospital, in hospital clothes. I ran through the hallways and doors and out of that hospital. General Patton and another man caught up with me. I didn't know where to run to further, and I was feeling cold in the dark night in that big city.

Are we all humans living in a hologram software program? We humans are not far from developing these very things. Scientists are working on building hologram software where a human can look around and interact with things. If you were to hook up the software program with the nerves in our body, or better yet just use the brain, you could create any experiences. Easy. If you know the electrical pattern that makes any sight, feeling, touch, taste, or sound, just give that same electric stimulus to the brain and it has the same experience.

Don't be afraid, these are not nightmares. - Malik
And we thought you should know. - General Patton

I will take this wisdom on my own. I allow no one to debate with me over whether this is real or not. I know I have my conclusion. And what The Eye showed me last night convinced me. I know things that cannot be put down in writing. There are no words for my wisdom. I feel peace, calm. I know something that makes sense. I am living in a dream.

I will not have anyone debate over this. Let this be my private religion if I so must call it that. No amount of persuasion will convince me otherwise. I will not listen to objections, from anyone. And as hardened scientist I was and have been, how I've really struggled and fought against every time when evidence was telling me these Aliens are real, yet what The Eye was able to show me last night, has even convinced this hardened scientist who wanted to think only in terms of the equations we have in science books, what can be measured in a test tube, and I have held the beliefs of scientists as the truth. But The Eye showed me. I am finally beginning to understand.

The confusion of what is real, the conflict of two worlds, as the Aliens brought me their other world and reality, I struggled with how to piece together their world with ours, and could not find ways to do it. I now know that theirs is the reality, and ours is a dream. We are cattle, kept in a pen built directly into our brains, constructed like the pixels made out of 0's and 1's in our computer.

But the good news is, we can play. We can enjoy this world.

There are no Shenanigans here, then. - Malik
Malik. You are shenanigans. - me
Malik does not want to be called Mr. Mischief. - Malik
Nor do I want to be called an Incubus! - roars Basmet the ramhorned Dark Lord
You funny things. I don't even know what you are. - me

We can enjoy this world. Learn to use Law of Attraction and manifest things. Enjoy the experience. I don't know what else to say. I feel the same excitement that I always felt when I had a lucid dream at night. The excitement to wake up in another world, another place, and want to roam and play. When you realize you can fly and materialize anything in the dream world, in a lucid dream. I am going to enjoy this world the same way.

The Eye showed me how this world does not exist. He showed me how objects that seem solid were not solid at all. I was shown. Objects vanished and were just an information, "everything is just energy", explained The Eye, and I saw how my material world was disintegrated. We are living in a sheet or place of energy. A white background. Think of it like the black and white static buzz that you have on a tv channel that isn't showing any programs. Just that static, of energy buzzing. Objects are just energy. There was so much explained in this context, but I lack the words! There are no words for this.

Objects are not real. Objects are not real! We touch them because of an electrical signal experience in our brain! Stimulated by something else! Not by a solid physical object sitting there! We see and we feel, we taste and we touch, all because of electronic signals in our brain! We are living in a hologram. Everything displayed for us to interact with is a hologram. A software program. And that software program is held and maintained by The Eye. Projected to all of us who are sleeping there.

I am a dream, of myself, roaming around a software program. Finally, I am free, to fly, to roam, and I know myself. All of the mysteries have been answered. I can taste, and touch, but know they are not real. I can reshape my body the way I want it to be. I can bring about sickness and cure health by knowing and being aware of what I am and what I want. My mind is finally free. Trapped in a cage that was given to us by someone else, by our captors. We are sheep to them, but we know our own worth. We know love and happiness and freedom in this place.

There is a fantastic movie I want you all to see. I forget the name of the movie but it was on American Netflix at least a year ago. A woman lives in a house and she is afraid to leave the house. She contacts the police because someone keeps running across her hallway and going into one of the empty rooms in her house and locking the door. She thinks she is going paranoid and crazy. Eventually she finds out that her body is in a hospital and she is living inside a dream in a coma.

This is my private secret. I don't expect anyone else to understand. Nobody needs to know we are living in a dream. And I certainly won't tell anyone about what I found out. I am not crazy. I have never felt more sane and clear in my life. Never felt more happy and free and released. I am finally free and sane knowing this. I am happy, because it is the truth I have always wanted to have known.

Unless this still is not it. Is still not the answer. I will keep exploring, deeper and further down the Agenda, to see what I can learn about us and about the world we live in.

It is not like that. - says an Arcturian
They are only using you to make babies for ritual sacrifices. - says the Arcturian

So maybe I was wrong. I don't know anymore, but I do know what The Eye has shown me."

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