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Worldwide UFO Reports
Australia Orbs Ingham, Queensland I was in my front yard on November 11, 2013, when a bright gently pulsing orange orb appeared heading southwest at 9 PM, It was significantly brighter than the brightest stars; I ran inside and called my father out who also witnessed the event. The orange orb gently passed through the sky silently at around 9:15 PM. It was not like any normal aircraft and we both agreed it was a very strange thing to be occurring. The orb changed directions as if it was conducting a turn and stopped twice very briefly before continue its journey toward the southwest until eventually it gently faded away into thin air in clear night skies. The moon was also present at the time so the object was very luminous.
Narrabeen On November 19th, 2013, at 8.30 PM, two witnesses saw a round red object. They did not feel it could be a Chinese lantern. . A red round ball was slowly moving in the sky. I was driving, pulled around the corner, and then it was gone! Thanks to www.ufoinfo.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufoinfo.com&lid=55606&uid=2816118&sid=34176&mid=29094)

http://www.listrocket.com/ktml2/user/1241_M837Hca3MN/images/uploads/_49_body_1386373322/image_32.jpegCanada Lights and Spherical Orb Cobourg -- Ottawa, Ontario On July 7, 2013 this photo was taken of a strange orb. Is this a lens flare or a UFO? Thanks to MUFON CMS
This appears to be a plasma orb or Earth Light caused by electrical energy below the surface of the phenomena.

Ottawa, Ontario -- I was driving home from work at 4:58 PM on Highway 417 westbound towards Kanata on November 19th 2013, and as I approached the Carling exit I saw an object not too high. It was flying high enough overhead at an impossible rate of speed to our standards. It had a green and red solid light on it and flew over me heading north. As it was heading for an apartment building it stopped, and kind of spiraled down below the tree line where I then lost sight of it. Thanks to www.ufoinfo.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufoinfo.com&lid=55606&uid=2816118&sid=34176&mid=29094)
India Disc Rohini, New Delhi, Delhi -- My Mom was seating on the sofa and saw a disc light flying in the sky in an orange and yellowish color on November 26, 2013 about 8:00 PM. My sister ran outside and saw the moving light suddenly get very large, flashing quickly and suddenly vanishing? Thanks to www.ufoinfo.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufoinfo.com&lid=55606&uid=2816118&sid=34176&mid=29094)
http://www.listrocket.com/ktml2/user/1241_M837Hca3MN/images/uploads/_49_body_1386373322/image_33.jpegMexico Lights
Tijuana, Baja California I saw people at the PEMEX gas station capturing video of orbs with their phones, so I grabbed my smart phone to start capturing this video on November 27, 2013. Orbs were glowing like an orange star in the night sky. There were six orbs in different positions overhead. A UFO passed over going south in the video, but I did not see it. This is my 2nd sighting on my life, giving me good feelings about the shining lights. My 1st one was at Playas de Tijuana in 1992, when I saw hundreds of silver orbs. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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New Zealand Disc Invercargill, Southland -- I was sitting in my lounge when something caught my eye that was moving north and was heading to fly over my house on November 16, 2013, at 3.45 PM. I rushed outside by this time it had passed my house and was travelling north. I watched it until it disappeared in 20 seconds. There was no noise, and it flew faster than any airplane. 1t was like a dinner plate facing up and a dinner plate on top facing down in a dark blue in color. Thanks to www.ufoinfo.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufoinfo.com&lid=87479&uid=2816118&sid=34176&mid=29094)
Serbia Triangle Novi Sad – I was walking my dog about an hour after midnight on September 22, 2012, when looked to the skies I noticed this formation of about five lights. It was a quiet night in our very peaceful city, but I was not able to hear any sound from this formation. When I first noticed it they were southwest moving across the night sky. The lights were kind of blurry like in a fog and then they just vanished. I only those lights flying silently in a triangular formation. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Turkey Cylinder Light http://www.listrocket.com/ktml2/user/1241_M837Hca3MN/images/uploads/_49_body_1386373322/image_34.jpegEsra -- I went outside and saw the light move higher in the first two seconds on November 22, 2013. It was quiet and quickly went up to about 10 miles ahead. There was no sound and I felt nervous, but it moved fast and I did not even have time to tell them. And it seems, as if an object was an illuminated circle. It was quiet and moved ten kilometers and later stopped. I had a phone in my hands and wanted to take pictures. However, the photos that captured the object appeared as if they were small. I noticed that light came out of the objects and I saw a small object that I feel was the UFO. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UK/ England Lights UFO Caught Over Wind Farm http://www.listrocket.com/ktml2/user/1241_M837Hca3MN/images/uploads/_49_body_1386373322/image_35.jpegMoston, Sandbach, Cheshire – Two witnesses on November 20th 2013, saw two roundish bright white lights and a very small orange light moving around at 9 PM. It flew around for 3/4 of an hour and then just disappeared. An hour later lights went out in our house but came on but very faint!! Thanks to www.ufoinfo.com (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.ufoinfo.com&lid=88280&uid=2816118&sid=34176&mid=29094)

Devon – On November 23, 2013, UFO. This photo was taken at Fullabrook Wind Farm of a disc last Saturday. The location is very close to some military bases, which cause some people in Devon to believe the UFO was monitoring the military base. This is a very interesting and long report and if you would like to read it the like is below. Source: http://www.exeterexpressandecho.co.uk/UFO-spotted-Devon-sky-monitoring-military/story-20219565- (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.exeterexpressandecho.co.uk/UFO-spotted-Devon-sky-monitoring-military/story-20219565-detail/story.html&lid=88271&uid=2816118&sid=34176&mid=29094) http://www.listrocket.com/ktml2/user/1241_M837Hca3MN/images/uploads/_49_body_1386373322/image_36.jpeg detail/story.html (http://www.listrocket.com/public/link.php?url=http://www.exeterexpressandecho.co.uk/UFO-spotted-Devon-sky-monitoring-military/story-20219565-detail/story.html&lid=88272&uid=2816118&sid=34176&mid=29094)
Wigan – My colleagues and I were at work at Stocks Hall Residential Home in Ormskirk on November 26, 2013. My colleagues and I went outside at 12 am, for a cigarette and spotted moving lights. I said to both my colleagues "What is it". The three of us stepped forward to get a better look. When going out of the drive we had full view and I started to film on my mobile phone. This thing was the size of a football field if not bigger and it was flipping like a coin to one side of the sky to another and while spinning and pulsating from the middle. Whilst this was happening I asked one of my colleagues to go and get our other colleague so she could see. None of us could believe what we were seeing. My colleague started taking pictures and when we looked back and it was gone. Thanks to MUFON CMS

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Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera - Dec. 6, 2013


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Nicely, done. The first part of the film is nice and clear. So why are the ET's and craft fuzzy in the last part? Should of stayed consistent.

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Real UFO With Aliens Caught On Camera - Dec. 6, 2013


Oh my, and again in Reutlingen, no less...

You may remember that that is the very same location drones allegedly were filmed in August 2012.

See: http://www.theoutpostforum.com/tof/showthread.php?831-California-type-drone-seen-in-germany

There are strong indications that all of the following YouTube channels, which include 07TV, are all operated by the same gang of hoaxers who keep posting 'unique' sightings (that are never reported in any media), and are CGI:
- 7thArea
- xxxdonutzxxx
- crazybreakingnews
- SecretScienceTV
- 8118th
- O7TV

The sound effect, the light effects... we've seen them all before in the videos released by these people.

so, because of the source of the material, I'm fairly confident to call this CGI.