View Full Version : Daniel Liszt (aka The Dark Journalist) reports on the Nixon Time Capsule.

03-24-2018, 09:11 AM
Liszt conducts an interview with Robert Merrit who, dying of terminal cancer admits to being
a D.C. insider who conducted sordid operations for various Gov. agencies to obtain control through blackmail of countless dozens of politicians and foreign diplomats.

Merrit further states that he met with Nixon on three occasions, in the bunker under the White House and witnessed Nixon openly talk about an E.T. that was ‘obtained’ by the U.S. Gov.

Goes on to describe Nixon’s desire to Disclose (as it would ensure his place in History) and that Nixon supposedly left a ‘Time Capsule’ letter detailing all.

** Although this is one man’s tale/testimony, it’s perhaps important to recall Robert Emmenegger’s account of how the documentary “UFOs Past, Present and Future” was made in attempting to evaluate Merrit’s veracity.

*** “Sordid” is a kind word. For adults only. One hour, fourteen minutes in duration.