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11-13-2018, 08:36 AM
This is making the headlines as itís being officially investigated

The Irish Aviation Authority is investigating reports of bright lights and UFOs off the south-west coast of Ireland.
It began at 06:47 local time on Friday 9 November when a British Airways pilot contacted Shannon air traffic control.
She wanted to know if there were military exercises in the area because there was something "moving so fast".
The air traffic controller said there were no such exercises.
The pilot, flying from the Canadian city of Montreal to Heathrow, said there was a "very bright light" and the object had come up along the left side of the aircraft before it "rapidly veered to the north".
She was wondering what it could be but said it did not seem to be heading for a collision.
Another pilot from a Virgin plane joined in and suggested it might be a meteor or another object re-entering the earth's atmospher...

11-13-2018, 08:44 AM
Guardian article

This site has a clip of conversation with ATC (air traffic control)

On November 9 at around 7:40 UTC, the pilot of a British Airways flight #BA94 from Montreal contacted Shannon Air Traffic Control (ATC) to ask if there were military exercises taking place in the airspace through which her Boeing 787 was passing...

11-13-2018, 08:50 AM

Bit more from the virgin pilot in this article

A pilot from a Virgin Airlines plane, callsign Virgin76, came on to air traffic control and suggested it might be a “meteor or another object making some kind of re-entry. There appeared to be multiple objects following the same sort of trajectory. They were very bright from where we were.”

The pilot also confirmed that he he had seen “two bright lights that seemed to bank over to the right and climb away at speed at least from our perspective.”

A third pilot responded: “Glad it wasn’t just me”....

11-14-2018, 02:14 PM
I think it might have been part of the Taurid meteor shower. This shower can give some awesome fireballs.


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11-15-2018, 08:48 PM
More data ?


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