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04-30-2020, 11:35 AM
This is an absolutely fascinating interview.

Steve's done some amazing paranormal research over the years and is a wealth of knowledge.

Really interested if anyone else knows anything about monatomic iridium or gold?

From Grant's YT post
Steve Mera is one of the UK’s most respected researchers in the realms of UFOlogy, Unexplained & Supernatural, with over 1000 hours of mainstream alternative TV Program interviews, such as National Geographic’s ParaNatural and Wild X-Files. He is the head tutor for the UITC Investigators Training Courses in Ufological Studies and the CEO of Phenomena Magazine, the world’s largest e-zine of its kind, distributed in 12 counties to over 1.8 million subscribers. He is an accomplished author of several books: A-Z of the Unknown, Strange Happenings, and Paranormal Insight, and he's the founder of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (Est 1996) and the Chairman of MAPIT - Manchester's Aerial Phenomena Investigation Team (established in 1974.)


05-01-2020, 06:18 AM
Back in the late 90s, Jim Marrs once did a presentation on monatomic gold. I'd have to see if I can find it online. He had a transcription or article based on the presentation on his website.

05-01-2020, 12:39 PM
Thanks Garuda

I spotted this in Linda Moulton Howe's update on the Bismuth wedge no idea if it's genuine
She claims this testimony is from a scientist who worked on a massive 6ft chunk @ Area 51?


'In order to use the Bi/MgZn materials you have, you first need the structure of the craft, which is made of aluminum (99% pure), which is 20% by weight monatomic-iridium (one atom) disbursed throughout the aluminum in a crystalline pattern. When you energize that with the drive energy, it blocks gravity field energy from interacting with the aluminum structure and anything within that structure. So the craft becomes weightless. You can push it around very easily. What you have — the layered magnesium-zinc alloy with bismuth — that is an electrogravitic rectifier.'

05-01-2020, 12:47 PM
Found it


05-01-2020, 12:55 PM
It seems David Hudson is the source of monatomic story

David Radius Hudson is credited by most people in the field as being the originator of the term “Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements”, or by its acronym, the ORME.


05-01-2020, 02:55 PM
Found it


Nicely done!