View Full Version : Whales and dolphins more to them than just somebodies lunch?

lux aurea in obscuro
01-20-2012, 11:10 AM
Is there more to the scientific research being carried out by the Japanese on whales each year other than the need to forfill a desire of bizarre culinary delights?

I find both whales and dolphins probably the most interesting mammals of a sea faring nature. Having such unique communication abilities and a highly organised social structure. Having enjoyed many video clips of these very intelligent creatures interacting with us the human land lubber mammals. To see for yourself if you have not already I recommend searching ‘you tube’ for whales and dolphins engaging their natural predators the shark population in order to save distressed humans at sea. You don’t find a more ferocious predator at sea than a shark and these magnificent creatures placing themselves in harms way to protect us humans who also happen to be predators especially the Japanese whaling fleet.

The harmonics used to communicate being something a keen to an underwater radio station, they having an ability to tune in listen and reply even thousands of nautical miles apart is simply astounding. If we were to use modern technical equipment like sonar over such a vast distance the power needed would be massive especially when considering whale songs seems to me at least to be Omni directional in the sense that it pans and radiates out much like an infrasonic wave of sound, a deep low bass note. Again using modern technology we are limited by pulsing a signal in one direction to cover such a vast distance.

Frequencies and harmonics interest me massively for I understand we all have a resonating frequency try a 7hZ bass note from an industrial subwoofer and see how it effects your innards ‘the brown note’. I also believe frequency is the key to energy able to levitate gargantuan weights such as the mysterious ‘Coral Castle’ in Florida. Also the frequencies are used in HH0 devices to assist in the transmutation of liquid water into useable hydrogen gas. Whales and dolphins are masters of manipulating & transmitting such frequencies each note holding an almost encrypted message. These songs used for communication are they just that or could they hold much greater secrets.

A true master of the sea’s able to come up and breach the surface also being able to traverse the deep depths. Having eyes the size of dinner plates but why? Do they need those large eyes most of the time submerged using sonar like abilities to find sustenance. As for the size of the brain these magnificent creatures are endowed with like a floating super computer it surely has a duty to perform. The level of intelligence noted is beyond question however I believe much more rests behind those curious eyes what exactly?

I love whales and dolphins I have been blessed to be able to observe them in native habitats such as South Africa’s West coast & the West coast of Scotland each time I see them it gives me the chills not just emotionally but on a spiritual level which is why I feel these creatures not only misunderstood but entities of possibly a realm not seen or known by us humans. Did Hollywood make the Star Trek movie for a reason? A symbolic message right in front of our eyes I have a gut feeling it could possibly be the case.

Could it be whales and dolphins are Extra-Terrestrials beings ‘entities’ with us here on Earth? We see them as sea fearing mammals for our minds are not able to perceive these magnificent creatures in the form that they would otherwise appear. I know that sounds completely insane, yet life as we know it is never as it seems, and could that be a legitimate reason the Japanese are so interested not just for the sake of culinary delights? For watching the Japanese whaling fleet in action has seriously got me considering joining the Sea Sheppard crew on a voyage when I am based around South Africa.

Hopefully with us on board this wonderful forum answers will revel themselves and my good fellow members have a better understanding than my limited knowledge.

Kind regards