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01-21-2012, 04:54 PM
Back in 2010, Dr David Clarke had written an article criticising David Cayton, Phil Hoyle and the APFU, following positive media coverage in The Sun newspaper. In light of the recent wave of attacks here in the UK, researcher Dave Haith asked David Cayton to respond.

Dr Clarke's blog entry can be read at: http://drdavidclarke.blogspot.com/search?q=ewe

David Cayton's response follows:

"Clarke just doesn't understand so much about farmers and
their uneasy and unhappy views about DEFRA!!!! Over the years, farmers have
said that they would only engage with them if something serious like foot &
mouth broke out on their premises. If they 'invited' them on to examine an
animal mute, they are likely to pass it off as something normal and
confiscate the carcass AND I know of 2 cases where the farmer has been
seriously threatened if he talks to media or the likes of us!! Typical
'threat', is to warn that they will 'review' their government 'subsidies'!
This could lead to serious financial problems and at worst posing their home
and livelihood entirely!

Further if they 'invite' these people onto the farm, they go sniffing
around looking for items of criticism leading to possible penalties being
imposed! DEFRA personnel are seen as bad news!

In our collective experience, farmers will more often than not, demand
complete anonimity to be agreed by us, before they will liaise and allow us
to examine and photograph their animals!

The very recent ongoing horse and pony mutilation deaths are prime examples
of the operations of certain cells of DEFRA and/or other high level
government departments /units, who are the agencies behind warning the
police, RSPCA and the vets to wrap up their enquiries and promulgate stupid
responses like normal sick animals as the cause, or natural predation, cults
and the like!! Many Veterinary Practices around the U.K. are directly
controlled by DEFRA as they are VLA accredited ( Veterinary Laboratories
Agency). This is one vital way that enables DEFRA to keep their finger on
the pulse re the animal mutilation problem!! Also they will try all ways
possible to keep these attacks off the public radar and concoct all manner
of silly explanations for it if and when there is a leak to the media in
some form, eg. Horse & Hound magazines etc etc!!

Pressurising a vet to then refuse the horse owner to have a second opinion
or independent autopsy and even, as now get the police to refuse the horse
owner photographs of their own animal!!!!

Clarke is just another of the detractors being constantly used by the media
to throw cold water on any 'dangerous' factual information which could cause
members of the public to stop and seriously consider these events as likely
evidence of alien intervention on our planet! We have little doubt that he
and a few others are actively 'encouraged' to do this and at the same time
'appear' to represent serious ufology!!

Only last night, he was at it again, along with Ian Ridpath and Mark
Pilkington, all invited by the BBC to make 'their' dubious contribution to
the Stargazers Live Program, broadcast from Jodrell Bank RT in Cheshire,
fronted by Prof. Brian Cox.!!!!!! These 3 'gentlemen were required' to help
'put to bed' any serious studio discussion that aliens are actually here on
a regular basis.

Ironic that at 10pm on Sunday August 18, 1996, a cigar shaped UFO was seen
by credible witnesses, stationary for over an hour directly over the Lovell
main dish, beaming down a wide NON DIVERGING, soft beam of whitish light,
directly into the dish! I was refused a look at their daily log by an
officious and unpleasant female spokesperson! I knew the telescope was in
use at the time, so assumed it was seen, a mere 300 feet above and /or also
the beam may have interfered with the operation of the telescope??
"Richard Hall covered this item on his RP 'Starship TV programs, under the
banner of 'The Cayton Files'. Still on his website I believe? DVD's also

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Next, criticism from UK researcher Joe McGonagle who runs "Ufology In UK":

"Fiction. At least as far as any connection to ufology is concerned.

There are some sadistic gits who mutilate animals. Rodents, birds
and insects attack the easily accessible soft tissues of corpses
first (lips, anus, genitals, eyes) and the blood in the body
congeals internally at the lowest point, hence a lack of blood
around exposed post-mortem wounds.

I think the fact that Cayton cites Richard D. Hall is all that
needs to be said about his credibility.



Here is the excellent response from David Cayton:

"... Joe is correct in that some natural predators go for certain soft tissues after a period of time that a carcass has being lying exposed. We are fully aware of that as are farmers, vets, RSPCA inspectors etc etc.

However, in many cases, there has been no time for these predators to attack these carcasses to inflict these type of wounds.

Nor does this 'explanation' take into account the complete surgical removal of large internal organs, often via small holes in the body and sometimes ALL the internal organs are removed, either via the mouth cavity or an anal core!!. As an example, a bull has his scrotum sac excised, then the ***** is withdrawn from the INSIDE and then passed out via the scrotum excision hole and now also without the outer penile sheath!! ' Natural Predation'........I don't think so!!!

Blood pooling from residual blood content can remain in some organs and tissue but again this does not account for immediate loss of 95% of the volume with no outward signs or spill around the body. In a horse this can amount to 20 - 25 litres, depending on the size of the animal.

Furthermore, there are precision decapitations and limb and tail removal through the disc joints with NO adjacent bone damage by implements or jaws! Jaw and face bone stripping to a pristine bone surface...........that would take many days to do by a animal predator and they would not leave the bones completely devoid of tissue remnants!! Oh...... and how do we account for a tongue excision from the rear from a tightly closed mouth due to rigor mortis??? I can assure you it is very difficult to force open the jaw of a sheep to find this!!

I suspect that Joe is another of many 'ufologists' who dislike the concept of aliens carrying out these acts on animals........and even worse on human beings, because they prefer to believe that ALL types of ET's are totally benign towards us? I have found over the years that most of the crop circle enthusiasts are of the same opinion! We believe that the ET's, (whichever species it is) have a very good reason for doing what they are doing and in the long term, it is likely ( we hope!) for the benefit of the human race?

If Joe IS in the category I put him in above, I have some sympathy with the point of view, especially if he and his friends are physically involved with ET abduction? Speaking as a non abductee, or having had no close inter-action with aliens myself, I can quite understand the disquiet and unhappiness of accepting the fact, following abduction experiences, that some ET's are physically carrying the animal mutilations! After-all, it is also very likely that many abductees are never returned to their beds! Whole business is quite disturbing indeed.

We at APFU and Richard D. Hall, are striving to find the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth..........as the saying goes, unpalatable as it may be!!!! Mutilations of these types, caused by deranged people, predation, cults, the military etc etc just do not stack up. Close on site inspection around the animal also support the ET hypothesis. Sorry Joe. Throwing 'into the ring' quick off the cuff explanations just do not wrap up the problem, as many would like!

Like to finish by saying that some 15 years ago I started off seriously considering all the causes and explanations you have suggested here! Your glib explanations did not explain many of the 'crime scenes' and still do not I fear!!

I take no offence and trust you will not either after reading my above comments?

Regards, David (Cayton)."

01-21-2012, 08:34 PM
Here is another one from author, John Hanson:

"From John Hanson Co -Author of Haunted Skies Volume 1-4 -To all and sundry!
(Please excuse any mistakes) Dawn has not proofed this)

Whilst in my opinion there is no such a thing as a UFO expert there are some that know more than others, about a subject which still attracts the attention of the media Sadly there is a vast gulf between how the media treat such reports, in various documentaries on UFOs ( same old same old) and tabloid newspaper articles which seek to denigrate the subject, by offering that age old balanced perspective.

Sadly there is also a vast gulf between what the MOD declassifies and the real accounts from real people who have suffered all manner of medical maladies stretching from minor to serious.

One such case in 1994, involved a then serving Police Officer who was unfortunate to suffer the consequences after having sighted a saucer shaped object over the River Nene in Northamptonshire. The biggest mistake he made was to report it to the MOD, as he was then subjected to all manner of intimidation, which could only have come from them. The use of unregistered vehicles and untraceable telephone numbers is all part and parcel of not to much as to keep the lid on but to keep it boiling with disinformation. The Police Officer went to see his Doctor after experiencing severe headaches
and was given an MRI scan, the Doctor asked him if he had ever had an operation on the brain( No) because there was scarring on the brain! I have heard similar stories from people that have been exposed to the energies given off by these objects. The problem is that we (the human partcipants)
are not being given the opportunity to tell the media of sightings like this. For all I knowthere may be a natural explanation for UFOs, found in the future
which will explain what has been happening. How long is the human race going to bury its head into the sands and deny something that stands in front of us, it is not about confrontation. At the end of the day the evidence is overwhelming, but of course it was in 1947, in the States and in the UK during 1977 and 1995 when there was an increase in activity( in my opinion the 'flow' remains the same. It appears that when certain criteria is met
that we see more of what is going on in the sky........ I could cite many cases, like this, the one that I found poignant was a woman from Attelborough
who said in her letter, " I hope that I live long enough to find out what these things are" She passed away many years ago.

I was na´ve enough to believe that when we produced our first book It would attract a lot of media attention- Zilch. To the current date I have been asked by the Star, the Daily Mail, and the Sun to supply books to them for free which I have done so with a promise of some publicity-if only about that crackpot ex copper who believes in flying saucers and aliens! Zilch
I was often invited to talk about the subject on various BBC Radio Stations, last year Shropshire Radio promised me a talk, -Zilch
I wrote and sent a book to a BBC Journalist who I knew she told me the BBC wouldnt be seeking to publicise anything on our work, no explantion
was given, I have been given the cold shoulder by many journalists that knew me, now the books are going out, but there is one thing about me
that many people may not know, I dont bloody well give up!

This is why I want to get these books out not to became known but to honour those that laboured long and hard all those years ago to preserve this material for posterity. And Im also sick of the UFO comic book mentality preached by some people who have not got a clue about what this is all about - But that is why the Media loves them!

For those that think we make money, your wrong, they have cost us thousands with a just hundreds on the royalties.At the end of the day I am just an ordinary man on the street, who never in his wildest dreams thought way back in 1995 that this was such a complex subject.

There are those amongst us that seem blinkered to what is happening in front of their eyes, how can you not believe in what is undoubtedly the greatest phenomena of all Mankind! Even if you are skeptic it is still the greatest phenomena off all mankind! These are the same people that make lots of money promoting themselves with the UFO subject and have giant egos.

Thank God for Phil Hoyle and David Cayton, they are some of the best researchers about neither has ever said to me
this is proof of aliens visiting the Planet, all they say is 'this is the evidence make of it what you will'

I have no fixed ideas on what these things are and where they come from but without doubt they continue to behave in exactly the same manner As they have done for many (hundreds if not thousands of years) One thing is certain they are here and will continue to surprise us, for many years to come. If any one believes that the majority of UFO sightings can be explained away as natural phenomena, they havent learnt anything! "

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It is disheartening to see the critics are still stuck in the late 1950's or 1960's and have researchers frozen in time as well. That was one of the things that struck me various conferences and especially at Bill and Kerry's UFO Expo here a few years ago. Many of the known authors and researchers were there and out in the lobbly, journalists were interviewing them for radio and video media. I thought that no one but us will ever see the good stuff and everyone else will see "that crackpot ex copper who believes in flying saucers and aliens!".We must persist, though.

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Is there a cover-up? Your Damn right there is!!!