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Phil Hoyle of the Animal Pathology Field Unit was kind enough to forward his report on the third Horse mutilation which occured in Devon. The full report follows:


Sammy, Stallion, Mutilation, 13TH-14TH January 2012.


Whitstone, is the area where the horse Sammy was found mutilated.

Welsh/Arab pony, 3 years old:
Mutilation Injuries:
Right eye removed, left eyelid only removed, the tongue was missing and genitals’ removed.
Horse Owner:
Tanya Ingram:

Preliminary Report:

17.45, Tuesday 17th January, 2012:
I was notified by an APFU research assistant that a possible third mutilation attack had taken place in Devon in the South of England.
I immediately phoned the owner to investigate and validate the information received.
The owner of the dead animal is a young lady who lives in Whitstone, near Holsworthy, Devon.
She was very angry at the local vet as he had dismissed the blatant injuries inflicted on her horse Sammy and tried to insinuate the animal had died from an illness.
The injuries to the horse consisted of the right eye removed, left eyelid only removed, the tongue was missing the genitals’ were removed. There was virtually no blood on the animal or surrounding area except a small amount on the carcass and some inside the mouth and again a small amount seeped from the right eye socket when the animal was moved.
The vet said the horse died of colic but the owners saw the horse had defecated before where he died and the vet said the stomach cavity was empty; this does not correspond to symptoms of colic.
The condition of colic in horses is when the stomach twists and cannot allow food to enter the intestine - something doesn’t add up. The injuries to the horse in Devon is supposedly from wild animals, however the owner of the horse had a friend, a cousin with him who is a butcher and he examined the animal and said the cut to the eyelid and ***** is a clean cut and does not correspond to any known animals.
The owner’s father asked for a seconded opinion regarding the cause of death but local vet got very angry and abusive. The father contacted a second vet to do a necropsy but discovered the first vet had disposed of the animal without his permission.
When the Police were initially called to the incident they informed the family not to take any photos as they would deal with it and now are obstructive and refusing to pass copies on to the family. They have now had to file under the Data Protection Act and wait 40 days for the release of the photos of their horse injuries from the Police.
The vet said the horse was ill but did not know how he died or what the he died of, the vet was called out to the scene and the RSPCA and the Police were already on site.
The place Sammy was kept is a 13 acre area of land; I asked the owner if she or other family members noticed any people or cars acting suspiciously days or weeks before the attack was discovered. She said there is always people entering their land and recalled an incident last Bonfire night, 2011 where the family became aware of a figure going through a gate near their location and people driving up to the location and when they are approached by family members they speed off, these incidents could be put down to just ramblers or courting couples as there are no specific incidents to imply as yet a sinister motive.
I asked her if she or other family members had noticed any military vehicles or helicopters around the area just before the mutilation incident. She stated they had not seen any vehicles on the ground but there were a lot of helicopters flying over but this was nothing unusual and they were very high up.


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I interviewed the owner of Sammy over the phone regarding the incident the following extract is taken from that interview:

P.H: You have got three animals in just over two weeks have had exactly the same injuries..
Tanya: I know, that why I’m so scared as the RSPCA and the Police, it’s like they are covering it up in an way because I have been called everything I have had so much **** off people and I have had people I don’t know adding me to F.B and they have said we have rang the Police and they have said look it is a mutilation, people have tagged and posted but the Police are saying to other people it’s not a mutilation, and the RSPCA are saying it’s not.
P.H: How do they justify the removal of the genitals if it’s not a mutilation?
Tanya: Yea exactly, that’s what I would like to know to be honest, we did have a butcher down there one of my dad’s friends helped to move the horse and he said they are all clean cuts and he’s a butcher by trade? I’m really worried, I know it’s nothing natural and nothing done by wild life, he (Sammy) had a mare in the field with him and she was perfectly fine?
P.H: Is the mare pregnant?
Tanya: I think she might be pregnant yea, we have got a get her seen to, and we have three other mares and a gelding which were also not harmed, they were very wound up and very shaky but not harmed at all.
P.H: Did the police take pictures of the injuries?
Tanya: Yes, the police took them and we are having a quite a hard job trying to get them, the police told us not to bother taking any pictures they would do it.
P.H: When was the last time the horse was seen alive?
Tanya: Friday.
P.H: What day was he found?
Tanya: He was found on the Saturday afternoon.
P.H: So the attack must have taken place between the night of the 13th and midday on the 14th?
Tanya: Yea.
Phone conversation with Tanya, 20th January, 2012.
Tanya phoned me to informed me that she was have real trouble with the police after posting her dissatisfaction on the Police F.B, with their handling and conclusion for death of her horse Sammy. Tanya had done some research on the subject of animal mutilations and had posted a number of photos of mutilated animals on the police F.B pages which resulted in her posting being removed from their site.
She informed me also that the day before yesterday, Wednesdays the 18th of January a pregnant mare had been discovered mutilated on Dartmoor, and the owners had phoned her as they were aware of the attack and mutilation of her horse.
The owners of the Dartmoor mare had contacted the police but they did not do anything about it but they told them not to make it public and basically told them to shut up about it.
I asked if she had the contact details for the owners of the Dartmoor mare incident but she did not as they withheld their number and did not phoned back as promised, all Tanya knew the horse I question was a 7 year old pregnant mare.
I informed Tanya that it was consistent with other attacks that the animal targeted are pregnant and that we had found that the highest incident time was January through to June when the next generation of animals would be born. I pointed out that the number of attacks in such a short time was puzzling given the party line by the authorities that the perpetrators of the mutilations were satanic cult members who seemed to be operating with complete impunity as they are continuing their attacks fully knowing that the whole of the equine community must be on their guard and vigilant to further attacks. Tanya told me she know of friend that were now sleeping with their animals even though it was winter in January as they were so frightened of their animals succumbing to the same fate as Sammy.
One of the CID officers told Tanya that one of their officers had done some research and had visited Bristol University and determined that many of the injuries reported we the result of an attack by a fox as they have very sharp teeth that can mimic the characteristics’ of a knife cut.
Tanya asked me if I had heard about the latest attacks on sheep and goats on a farm near Bodmin to which I said I had not. One of her friends on F.B had notified her that another incident had been reported by a close friend that she had discovered three sheep mutilated near Bodmin and she would get her the contact details in the near future.
Tanya asked what had happened to her friends animals and she was informed they had been mutilated, the police had go to the farm and told the owners not to go public and she put the NOT in capital letters. Also three goats on another farm have been killed in the same sort of way but I am waiting to find out more details from the owners.
I asked Tanya again if there had been any helicopter activity a little bit more than the normal but she had been away from home visiting family helping to arrange her godmothers husband’s funeral and was not aware of anything out of the norm. She did say because she had only come back home yesterday she decided to visit the field and exact spot here horse had been killed and where he was kept and she said to be perfectly honest I can’t see how anyone has got over there without leaving foot print, because you would literally have to walk around the edge of the field on the hedging to get there without leaving foot prints or walk straight across the field to get to the horse killing area because it was right at the bottom of the field. I informed Tanya that in SOME instances of mutilation attacks on hill farms around the U.K we have investigated there was no way the perpetrators could have accessed the farmland by conventional vehicles as there were not footprints of vehicle tracks the only way to access the particular field in question would be by air. Tanya said some people she had spoken to are blaming Area 51 and things like that but I cautioned her we had to stick to facts not fiction but there was some evidence by numerous farmers that I have interviewed seeing unconventional aircraft operating far beyond anything we have now and some of these reports go back almost 50 years. Tanya asked are we talking about lights in the sky to which I replied sometimes this is evident, she informed me that a friends by the name of Linda had reported that she had observed unidentified lights operating over their land but I will if possible need to interview Linda to determine what had exactly been seen.
This was the third reported attack on a horse within 14 days the second within 4 days the, first being a pony named Barney in Carmarthenshire. Again as with the first attack the media and authorities were quick to point the finger of suspicion at satanic cults and Satanism in general that apparently is rife across the southern counties. The following newspaper articles show how the story unfolded over the following days and eventually resulted in a mass of contradictions media hype and accusations of a cover up.


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Horse & Hounds:

Another stallion found dead and mutilated in third 'attack'

Amy Mathieson, H&H news writer
16 January, 2012

The body of another dead and mutilated stallion has been found in what appears to be the third horrific attack in less than two weeks.
Sammy, an 11.2hh Welsh/Arab pony, was found dead in his field near Whitstone, Devon on Saturday (14 January).
Owner Tanya Ingram told H&H Sammy was missing his right eye, left eyelid and his tongue and genitals had been cut. He was three years old and she was intending on breeding from him.
But spokesman from the RSPCA told H&H: "No foul play is suspected and the injuries are thought to have been inflicted post mortem."
Devon and Cornwall Police told H&H “this is not a crime” and that he died of “natural causes” — but the owners are unconvinced.
“It does not look like natural causes to me,” Ms Ingram told H&H. “He was fit and well. And the cuts were so clean it doesn’t appear to have been animals. His ***** was cut off. We’re just so shocked, it’s so distressing.”
She has 12 other horses on the site. Sammy was the only stallion, and none of the others were harmed.
Last week a two-year-old stallion called Erik was found mutilated near Truro, Cornwall, and on 5 January a seven-year-old stallion Barney was found slashed in Carmarthenshire. Dyfed Powys Police have closed the case, but Barney’s owners also remain convinced it was not a natural death due to the nature of the wounds.

Update on the pony mutilation, Devon.

The case has been closed, and blamed on natural causes, like barney the pony in Wales a few weeks ago, however owners are very adamant his injuries were not that of animal interference and are now taking this public. The vet who did the post mortem disposed of the body without the owner’s consent (he was a vet who worked for the RSPCA) and the owners wanted a second opinion on the pony by a private vet!!We have been contacted by 2 people from different organisations, 1 a lady from the USA, who has done over 130 horse mutilation cases, and 90% of these cases, the us law enforcement deemed natural causes, but she came along and in every single case she proved the police and vets wrong, and it was found tha the animal had died because of human mutilation!!!The other a man from England who has dealt with many cases as well, and he too has said in his experience, he has found some "vets" are actually in on the whole thing, it's a massive conspiracy. The owners contacted the police today to ask for copies of the photos they took at the scene of the crime, in which they refused. She then said was going to take them to court in that case as she is legally allowed these photos, and now she will be receiving them after paying a 10 release fee. This case I have no doubt is not natural causes like these corrupt police and RSPCA are trying to deem, they're trying to stop a national panic, but these ponies, barney included need justice, not to be swept under the carpet and told they died and then animals ate them, I'm sorry but yes we know wildlife will eat away at a dead body, but cmon Clean cuts, half his ***** cut in a straight line, I'm still not convinced, there is something going on we don't know about !And isn't it a bit funny how Sammy was the only stallion she owned out of 12horses in the same field..AND he was killed on Friday 13th,,,,people need to open their eyes, and realised that the police and RSPCA are not who we think!

Face Book appeal and comments:
Hi Laurence, please can you do a segment on the situation with the horses that have been murdered - there has been another one in Devon on Saturday (14th Jan) please can you appeal for anyone that knows anything to please contact the police - horse owners in the area are very nervous that there is something sinister going on
We've just heard from the Police and vets, they are NOT treating as suspicious. 21 hours ago
The owners of the horse are friends of my daughter so please can someone phone her for more info on XXXXXXXXXX her name is Tiffani. This horse called Sammy had its right eye removed and the left eyelid removed and half the stallion’s ***** - this is no coincidence that 3 horses in a spate of a week all had the same injuries and they are saying the horse in Wales died of natural causes as well. Please can someone use their investigative journalistic nature and get to the bottom of this - I have no idea why the police would not see the connection. We have just heard that the vet said the horse died of colic but the owners saw the horse had defecated by where he died and the vet said the stomach cavity was empty, this does not correspond to what colic actually is - colic in horses is when the stomach twists and cannot allow food to enter the intestine - something doesn’t add up. The injuries to the horse in Devon is supposedly from wild animals, however the owner of the horse had his friend with him who is a butcher and the cut to the eyelid and ***** is a clean cut and not the making of an animal. Thanks
19 hours ago
How can those sorts of injuries NOT be suspicious?
14 hours ago
Julie :
It’s ridiculous that the police won’t do anything about it - we are horse owners and now have to worry like crazy as both of them are stallions. There are satanic holidays that coincide with the activities of late so we are worried as there is another day in February that is coming up so we will be on full alert. Thank you for also posting as the more people that are aware the better.
Tiffani Interview friend of horse owner Tanya Ingram:
The animal was discovered by the owner’s father, the right eye had been removed, his left eyelid had been cut out and half of his ***** was missing and the owners are absolutely convinced it is not what the police are saying it is (Satanic Cults) because the cuts are far too clean.
In a sun article published on the 14th of January titled “Shadow of Satanists stalk our community” Paganism expert Professor Ronald Hutton of the University of Bristol who specialises in the study of early modern British folklore, pre-Christian religion and contemporary paganism stated “he is unconvinced Satanism is directly linked to the recent horse killing, he is certain of Cornwall’s appeal to practitioners of magic.”
Professor Hutton’s expertise was called on by the police regarding the murder of Cornwall Parish Councillor Peter Solheim, a Druid with a fanatical interest in witchcraft whose body was found at sea in 2004. Later the professor was called as to Truro Crown Court as an expert witness during the trial of Margaret James lover of Peter Solheim and later convicted of his murder.
After the trial Professor Hutton said, “I have met thousands of modern pagan witches and the deceased man’s trial is the first I have encountered that actually practised what might be called bad magic.” Professor Hutton added: “There is hardly any Satanism in Britain perhaps as few as 200 practitioners. None of those indentified claim to be involved in sacrifice.”
In addition it should be noted that paganism and satanic worship is not confined to any particular area of Britain or in fact Europe or the world so the question must be asked why weren’t there many more reports of attacks on animals on or around the time of St. Winebald’s day?
So if Professor Ronald Hutton is unconvinced that the perpetrators of the pony and horse mutilations are not Black Magic rituals by Satanic cults who are responsible for these attacks carried out often with military precision.
We know from our own investigations that there is evidence that a number of intelligences are operating under the heading of Animal Mutilations.
So what evidence if any that other agencies are involved in the death of Barney the pony from Whitland, Carmarthenshire.
Because the second attack on a horse called Eric at Stithians, Cornwall took place somewhere between the 8th and 9th of January and at 07.31 there was a full moon it was concluded that the attack was the work of groups of satanic cults roaming the Cornish countryside.
Apparently the satanic angle originated from the American CCN report that the incident had taken place on Saturday 7th, January which its claims is a Satanic ‘holiday’ called St Winebald’s Day, which is marked by a ‘blood ritual’ involving an animal or human sacrifice.
But St Winebald’s Day as a satanic holiday dates back only 22-23 years and is a fictional edition
to the satanic calendar by a California-based fundamentalist Christian group at the height of the ‘Satanic Panic’ of the late 1980's.
The recognised day by Satanists for St Winebald’s Day is December 18th, not 7th January, and is no more than a minor feast day in the Christian saint’s calendar. The Online Ritual calendar sates that Jan. 7 ~ ST. WINEBALD DAY, (Blood Rituals) Animal and/or human sacrifice and dismemberment, it s interesting to note that the next ritual day is January the 17th a day for sexual ritual but with no mention of animal sacrifice or dismemberment but on approximately the 17th or 18th of January we have as yet more unconfirmed reports of a pregnant mare killed on Dartmoor and sheep and goats mutilated near Bodmin, have these attacks been orchestrated to rubber stamp the official line that all the attacks are the result of satanic cults?

Investigations Continuing.

APFU Phil Hoyle. 2012. - http://www.apfu.org/index.html

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe (http://www.earthfiles.com/) will discuss 4 black stallion mutilations that occurred in Jan. 2011 in England, a large aerial craft and missing time that several witnesses experienced in Utah during Dec. 2011, the issues for Americans in regards to the National Defense Authorization Act, and the dangers of genetically modified crops to humans and animals.

First Hour: Paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren (http://www.joshuapwarren.com/) talks about opening your spiritual vision in 2012.

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Why the need to hide the results of the autopsies if these are nothing more than a combination of natural causes, predators and/or some type of lunatic animal abusers?

Why such a high level of police and military involvement in the death of some animals?

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Did anyone hear the Coast to Coast show last night?