View Full Version : UFO caught on Camera 2012 Sweden

03-16-2012, 02:15 PM
After taking a quick look at the following video, I have a few issues with it.


There are two issues that are difficult to ignore:

1. The camera does not follow the object in question. Generally, this is typical of post additions of CGI.

2. There is an odd gap or halo on the quad-runner’s side where the object contacts the driver’s body. This gap extends from the driver’s elbow to the helmet (in this frame):

Here is a closer look at one of the frames, where the object goes behind the driver of the quad-runner:



Above, I have labeled my concerns about the object “disappearing” before contacting the driver’s arm. You will notice where the background trees contact the drivers forearm, the trees are in full contact with the sleeve… but the object is not.


I have “enhanced” the frame to better see the halo on the driver.


The above is a closer look on how the trees do not show the halo, but on the upper part of the driver’s body, there is a gap that gives a halo effect which separates the object from the body.

Video technology is not my expertise, so maybe 11A will jump in and better explain what is happening here.