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According to the files of the late Leonard Stringfield, an unknown object was tracked entering the earth's atmosphere sometime in Feb/March of 1964. Apparently the object split into two pieces which descended to earth. One part was alleged to have been recovered near Spitsburgen, West Germany and another near Penkridge close to Cannock Chase, Staffordshire, UK -

"... Stringfield's source is based on the account of one S M Brannigan, a former third class petty officer with the US Navy, stationed aboard a “spy ship” as part of a naval amphibious force at an undisclosed location in either the Caribbean or the Atlantic.

Brannigan’s primary task was the translation of intercepted Soviet military transmissions, during which he recalled one particular instance when decoding a message received at the ships ‘crypto-machine room`.

The intercepted transmission related to a Unidentified object over-flying Europe. Which, for unknown reasons had malfunctioned and plummeted to Earth breaking into two parts upon its descent the main section of the object crashed at Penkridge, Staffordshire, while the remains hurtled onwards impacting somewhere in West Germany…

Further to Brannigan’s story it was alleged that US Air Force Intelligence were present at the retrieval of, not just the downed UFO, but it’s additional three dead occupants who were also recovered in conjunction with NATO forces. ..." - http://penkridge64.blogspot.co.uk/2009/07/police-interview-and-telephone-call.html

To date there have been two possible additional sources of information on this story.

The first was former Command Sgt Major Robert O Dean. Bob Dean claims to have read about a recovery of a UFO and dead occupants in Spitzburgen, West Germany, in the alleged Cosmic Top Secret NATO document, "An Assessment". He even claims to have seen photos of the object and bodies which he says was recovered by the UK's Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME).

The second source comes from Nick Redfern's book; Cosmic Crashes. According to the book, Nick Redfern and Irene Bott interviewed a man named Harold South who claimed to have witnessed the recovery. South says that he came across a road block near Penkridge in February or March of 1964 which included both military and Police personnel. He was surprised to see a "Queen Mary" RAF transporter in a nearby field along with a mobile crane and lots of activity.

At this point Harold South says he decided to leave the scene and return on foot for a closer look, whereupon he witnessed a triangular object on the back of the trailer partially covered by a tarpaulin. He says he then took a couple of picture before leaving the area after he was observed by Police officers.

Later that day when South arrived home he was told by his mother that he should report to the local police station, because he had been observed 'cutting up a motorcyclist'. South did as requested during which time the police visited his home and removed his camera.

In a very interesting twist to the story South say that he received a call from the MoD on the very morning that he was to be interviewed by Nick Redfern and Irene Bott. A fact they were able to confirm by using the 1471 call trace service. They determined that South had indeed received a call from an operator controlled by the Military. He had also been given a number and asked to call them, this number turned out to be from the Ministry of Defence Guard Service, Whittington Barracks, Lichfield. (Source: cosmic Crashes pg 77-85)

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An Airfix model depicting the "RAF Recovery Set" allegedly witnessed by Harold South at Penkridge in 1964.

The crash/recovery site?


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In 2010 I decided to file a FOI request with the MoD to see if they had any information on these alleged incidents. Their response can be read here at TOP on our 'Paper Trail' board at - http://www.theoutpostforum.com/tof/showthread.php?571-FOI-request-response-Penkridge-Spitsburgen-recovery&p=8418&viewfull=1#post8418