View Full Version : Did a UFO crash on Long Island?

12-04-2011, 03:11 AM
On November 24, 1992 at 7:00pm, people reported what looked like an airplane crashing into the woods of South Haven Park near Shirley, Long Island, NY. A fire could then be seen in the area. Normally, the Yaphank Fire Department would be sent to extinguish the blaze but instead, this time, it was the fire department from the Brookhaven National Laboratory who sealed off the area and put out the flames. The park was closed for several days but, once it was reopened, it was easy to see that something had happened there due to the bent and broken trees.

Was this an alien craft that crashed? Or was it an experimental airplane that BNL now had to recover? Or, was it entirely something else?

Read more about it here http://thenightsky.org/li.html and here http://www.kioli.org/longisland/infamous/infamous-l-i-the-southhaven-ufo-crash/