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Thanks to Scott Corrales of Inexplicata for the head up on this:

"Argentina: VISION OVNI Investigates a Horse Mutilation

By Andrea Pérez Simondini


Once again we are bewildered by news of a strange animal death. In this particular instance, the case involves a white horse belonging to José González, who was surprised not only by the animal’s death, but by the strange injuries it presented.

He was able to see a 35 centimeter perforation between its two front extremities, one of them revealing a clear absence of the heart. Another injury could be found in the lower section of the animal, which was missing the entirety of its genitals.

The rancher also noticed the scarcity of blood at the site, noticing that there were spots of watery blood in the region of the chest injury, as shown in the photo.

This case still lacks analytical elements, but gives us a chance to see the patterns of the incisions and wounds that we have seen in other cases."

Read more: http://inexplicata.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/argentina-vision-ovni-investigates.html (http://inexplicata.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/argentina-vision-ovni-investigates.html)

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First I've heard of one in Argentina.

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Monkey people not working out? COW people next...steer clear of that McD's. npi

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First I've heard of one in Argentina.
Actually, there was massive UFO wave in Argentina in 2002 which included a huge number of cattle mutilations. The same exact type of injuries as reported elsewhere in the world. They produced the following image at the time: