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Flying Tiger Comics
08-19-2012, 05:41 PM
Fred Chrisman / Crisman / Crismon (also has like ten aliases) appeared in the Maury Island UFO affair, Tacoma Washington under the psuedonym Jon Gold leading a crusade to change the city administration and was called for interview by Jim Garrison in Garrison's JFK murder conspiracy case. He was also implicated in the INSLAW murder conspiracy and illegal eavesdropping scandal. A busy man.

One of the things Chrisman was alleged to have been doing during the 1960s is, as part of his work as one of the sinister Bishops of the church with no congregation, "working with Gypsies".

For whatever it's worth, it struck me that this sliver of information resonates faintly with the Carlos Allende affair, in that Gypsies were supposed to be the source of the MIB performers, as well as being insiders to some extremely strange UFO information in the Morris K. Jessup book / AFOSI scandal over the amended text / Gypsies come from another planet affair.

FWIW. More when I find it.

08-19-2012, 06:35 PM
Sounds complex, looking forward to reading more.

Flying Tiger Comics
08-20-2012, 02:36 AM
In many ways, Crisman and co. are the proto-Aviary. The difference I think is that back then there wasn't the same credulousness about their activities and motives- pretty much everyone either dismissed it, a la today's debunkers, or in most cases people figured that all of these people were Division 5 of the FBI, DIA, CIA or all three. I think people were right to assume that, since every time FOI has exposed these guys they were indeed employees or contractors for either DIA or CIA. Division 5 is so crooked and Gestapo-like that you'd never get the real story, even from the top of the FBI.

In terms of the Bishop angle, Guy Bannister (FBI agent who ran the real X-Files, then hosted Oswald at 544 Camp Street, also hosted David Ferrie), Jack Martin (PI for Bannister, testified about the links) Chrisman and most of the others including David Ferrie and Clay Shaw were all bishops in the same fake church. Pull a thread and wow is it an interesting pattern.