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    in sagittarius

    binary planetary system

    primary: mass 4.84x10e21 ton - diameter 12044 km
    secondary: mass 5.4x10e20 ton - diameter 6009 km

    distance betw primary and secondary: 54000 km
    period of mutual rotation: 12 days ( a one day period)
    period of orbit about parent star: 540 days
    distance of primary-secondary from star: 192 million km
    placement of primary-secondary: 5
    mass of parent star: 0.91 sun

    description: synchronous lock orbit - same side of each planet always faces same side of other
    both planets are completely spherical - no sign of bulging due to gravitational attraction
    compass always points in direction of othet planet
    axial tilt: 19 degrees
    both planets have atmospheres of nitrogen and oxygen and neon and argon and xenon and helium and water vapor ..
    atmospheric pressure on primary: 4x that of the earth
    temperature range of primary: - 100 in polar region to + 20 in equatorial region
    atmospheric pressure on secondary: 0.2x that of the earth
    temperature range on secondary ..

    primary is a frozen desert world with water ocean - two major continents in hemisphere facing secondary - islands abound - volcanic activity present - granitic rock and metamorphic rock predominate - metamorph similar to marble characterized by blue and red crystal - extensive radioactivity in exposed rock - mineral salts radiactive

    discussion: binary planets rotate about a common axis every 12 days (in earth day time) making a one day period in binary system - relatively long day period results in substantial exposure of planet surface to parent star light - a day on primary (and secondary) is 12 earth days long - four distinct layers of atmospheric clouds surround primary - secondary may be viewed from surface of primary - secondary appears as blue grey white red disc in primary sky

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    o,, ,o
    .. L
    .. 0


    self portrait

    surprised mode

    .. upon spilling th' coffee again

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    anons won't have to be bothered about the physical geometry of the serpo double star system .. information is self evident

    actually .. serpo really does not interest me .. its the earth which i am concerned about

    understanding serpo will help rock collectors better understand the earth .. its kinda like the excuses nasa gave to send all those satellites into space .. supposedly learning about other stars'n planets would teach humans about life on earth

    oh sh_.t spilled the coffee again
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    self portrait

    high cheek bone .. firm chin

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    aquila rests
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    aquila: I don't recall if Victor went back and asked the Anons about that in the context of an error or not but I can find out. What you may find interesting is that sometimes when Victor found an apparent error or something that would be more logical in a different order, the Anons would tell him to post the information as it was given to him. They told him they were following orders which did not allow any changes like that. Later, when Victor corrected grammar and misspellings there were a series of arguments over that with the Anons.
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    data from info release 3

    distance from sun 1: 96.5 million mile
    distance from sun 2: 91.4 million mile


    figures would have made sense if sun 1 was the star about which planet serpo orbits and star 2 was 91.4 billion mile distant.

    anons should check original serponaut notes to verify correctness of geophysical entries.

    i still think something worthy will evolve from this experience. judging from the questionable data, extensive re-evaluation must be made before tangible results are achieved.
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    i recall an alleged image of planet serpo inserted in the discussion which was later debuncked as a photo of namibia. the source appears to have pre-determined a sceptical attitude towards the original images. even so, the images of namibia must have been the closest approximation of what probably exists in serpo. the arid terrain is mentioned in the reports. serpo files indicate that explorer team brought back numerous samples of the serpo planetary terrain and that the samples are being maintained near washington dc. serpo must be composed of the same general minerals as other terrestrial worlds such as the moon and mars and venus. in this respect the earth is unique due to physical and chemical factors.
    anons indicate that physics in area of zeta reticulum is different from what is experienced on earth. this is to be expected of planet set in a binary star system. however, the lack of precise data makes it difficult to draw general conclusions about planet serpo.
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    aquila: At the time of the posting of the early releases, as the controversy was going hot and heavy, someone clarified that the planet circled one star and the other star was at or about the distance we know it to be. One explanation was that the phrasing in the original was poorly written. At nearly the same time it was stated by the Anons that physics in the area of Zeta Reticuli is not the same as it is here, nor is time, which set off another storm of controversy.

    This is from my memory of a period that had quite a lot going on and someone else may chime in with a more precise recollection.
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    I read the Flora and Fauna of Serpo article supplied by MK. Certain aspects of the Serpo event were discussed which require clinical investigation such as the fate of the Serponauts that returned to the Earth and the fate of those that remaind on Serpo. The Clinton Administration may have terminated the contact with Serpo, but Serpoans will probably continue visiting the Earth for extended reasons.
    I also re-read some of the original Serpo postings.

    The 11th paragraph of posting number 5 writes: Serpo moved around one sun only. The other sun was within two orbits..

    The first sentence certainly settles an issue: ..serpo moves around one star..
    The second sentence is not so clear: ..other sun was within two orbits..

    Supposedly the star orbited by Serpo is Zeta Reticuli 2. And the other star must be Zeta Reticuli 1. However, astronomical data indicate that Zeta Reticuli 2 and Zeta Reticuli 1 are separated by 3750 AU.

    How do the other Serpo planets fit into the picture? Does a chart of the Serpo system exist similar to that of the Solar System?

    Ofcourse, the original notes of the twelve Seponauts must be examined and made public. This is the business of geophysics and stellar dynamics. Other aspects of the discussion clearly verify that Serpo is a planet which exists.

    However, it is obvious that there is a misunderstanding as to star system of Serpo. It cannot be the star system known as Zeta Reticulum. I would welcome any suggestions as to the proper geometry of Serpo in star system.

    Like: what is two orbits supposed to mean?
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    Meranti_Kepong and Aquila: If you want to discuss Serpo more after you finish talking to Dan about it, you can start a blog or a thread out on the main board. If you PM one of the staff in advance, we can be sure to provide sufficient moderation. Serpo draws passionate posting.
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    MK and Aquila,

    To understand anything about anything, one needs to understand the context. This is the message that I have been bringing to the world, since my awakening in 1977. Serpo is no exception.

    To be perfectly frank, Serpo is not, presently, high on my list of priorities. Rather, I continue to work on the establishment of the Cosmic Context under which Serpo might be properly understood. I am doing this, for the time-being, mainly on another forum, of which some of you are already aware. This is the one being operated by Cyrellis, if I've spelled her name correctly.

    To be very brief, I believe that Serpo is an aspect of the Core Story, and the Core Story can be understood only in the context of a very closely controlled program of acclimation that
    is leading us to an imminent Disclosure/Revelation.

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    Dear DS,
    I urge you not to hesitate but let your view on Serpo be known and share among your friends here at Outpost.
    For your information Dan, I have just written a detailed write up on:- THE FLORA AND FAUNA OF SERPO.
    You may go to my forum to read it and if you want too, would appreciate your reaction.
  14. Meranti_Kepong's Avatar
    Dear DS,
    Please don't hesitate to tell your views about Serpo and share with members here and there.
    For your information Dan, I have just posted a write up on THE FLORA AND FAUNA OF SERPO
    at my forum.
    Please go and read it there for yourself and see if you agree with my posting.
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    I have many thoughts on Serpo, too many to put them down, just now.....
  16. Meranti_Kepong's Avatar
    Dear DS,
    I presume that you have had read my introduction of Serpo in my forum.
    I would be just as interested to read your comment on Serpo if you care to post it currently in these two
    I am very receptive of your view too, pal. ;D
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    Come on Dan, do you need a written request these days? Of course that is what they are asking! Go for it.
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    Are either of you seeking my opinions on Serpo?
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    Since Serpo postings were initiated by both Victor Martinez and Bill Ryan, the two legendary coordinators, I have downloaded and kept a copy of each posting in my personal file. Since Serpo is in the public domain, the information is to be shared to all citizens of this world who are interested in life out in our teeming universe.
    If you were to visit my personal forum:
    you will read the the introduction that I've written about Serpo. With more time at hand and if I am medically fit, I plan to begin the daunting task of rewriting the Serpo Chronicle in the way which has deeply impressed me. I will write until all the information in my personal file on Serpo has been completed. This is my plan.
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    never mind the schism-->that's a mild description of what happened at om. in frustration i had to go and open up a page on fb. initial motivation of om were the serpo papers. and nothing of tangible gain has resulted from that discussion. after receiving preliminary data and explanations of questionable correctness i was lleft out in the cold. who or what is withholding info from me or other members of this gathering..? do the people or organisations holding the serpo files think that they have a justifiable reason to withhold the truth from the public..? well, they don't. there are crucial reasons why the serpo files should be made public. and it has nothing to do (in my opinion) with ufos or alien life forms.
    did serpo occur or did it not? if so where are the images and geological data for planet serpo?
    basically, i am not interested at this time in the biology of the life forms which may exist there. in the meantime, nasa has sent another publicity mission to mars in search of bacteria or whatever signs of biological activity..

    what the fuc

    what the fucque is this

    rather spend my time listening to baroque musique
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