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  1. CasperParks's Avatar
    At last my computer is back home. Cost enough, but it is home. Important files reloaded. Now it is back to work.
  2. calikid's Avatar
    All programs can be reloaded. But saving data is key.
    Hopefully you had backups?
  3. CasperParks's Avatar
    Told today, Wednesday to get my computer back with a cost increase of forty-five. They are having to reload the hard-drive but claimed the managed to safe my files.

    Disclosure pending, I am feeling under pressure to get that next book out there.
  4. CasperParks's Avatar
    This is killing me, without my good computer. Called store, maybe Monday or Wednesday at the latest. Ouch, I want to get back to editing.
  5. CasperParks's Avatar
    I don't own a smart phone, no need for one at the moment.
  6. calikid's Avatar
    I have repaired a lot of systems with the fake "Microsoft AntiVirus" malware, but have not seen any fake FBI virus infections yet.
    If only those evil geniuses would use their powers for good....

    Good luck getting your system back online.
    Good move trying the roll back, works most of the time.
    Surprised you can't surf on your smartphone?
  7. CasperParks's Avatar
    Drove there to pick up a friend and his stuff with my pick-up, it was a good drive both ways.
  8. Chris's Avatar
    Ummmm, why? They do have planes that fly from Green Bay to Denver at least!

    (just busting your chops.....)
  9. calikid's Avatar
    Congrats on breaking 1000 posts.
    Some nice material, thanks for sharing.
  10. Harry Franklin's Avatar
    There are dystopian societies presented in the books but not the 'hero' or main character's societies. I can't accept that I understand the comment, or I must disagree.
  11. Harry Franklin's Avatar
    from wikipedia: The utopia and its offshoot, the dystopia, are genres of literature that explore social and political structures. Utopian fiction is the creation of an ideal society, or utopia, as the setting for a novel. Dystopian fiction is the opposite: creation of an utterly horrible or degraded society, or dystopia. Many novels combine both, often as a metaphor for the different directions humanity can take in its choices, ending up with one of two possible futures. Both utopias and dystopias are commonly found in science fiction and other speculative fiction genres, and arguably are by definition a type of speculative fiction. Well, #1 I don't see degrading in Perceptional Threshold, nor in Ages Past. From Harry Franklin, "The only degrading societies are the ones who start wars."
  12. CasperParks's Avatar
    Barnes and Noble is taking their time looking into the issue. I want so-bad to get my e-books there, so that more people can read them.
  13. CasperParks's Avatar
    I am working on getting formatting correct for Nook. Last letters of each sentence is cut short. I hope it is corrected by Wednesday.
  14. CasperParks's Avatar
    Well, process for Barnes and Noble completed. However, appears a formating issue on previews. Last letter of each sentence is cut-off. Waiting on reply from customer support, will likely have to alter margin settings and re-upload. Hey, at least I am getting closer to having them elsewhere besides just Amazon.
  15. CasperParks's Avatar
    Got it the other day, should've let you know - sorry.
  16. Garuda's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by CasperParks

    Trying to find you, are you listed by Garuda?
    Cf. PMs.
  17. Doc's Avatar
    Great idea, Guys!
  18. CasperParks's Avatar

    Trying to find you, are you listed by Garuda?
    Updated 07-24-2012 at 11:15 AM by CasperParks
  19. Garuda's Avatar
    Thanks for inviting people over!

    I just added you to my Google+ circles.
  20. CasperParks's Avatar
    I am drafting something, need to let is simmer and look it over. Will have something for you later today.


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