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  1. Doc's Avatar
    As I read your blog post I "saw" a truck being loaded with missiles in the dark of night. Probably something from a film I saw some time ago. The people were sinister and in a hurry as if they feared being observed or caught. The intent was to smuggle the missiles somewhere to do harm to a civilian population. I'm not a person who has visons or premonitions so I am guessing a memory from a film or just my imagination.
  2. Neuru's Avatar
    Hmm, perhaps a false flag attack this year. Out of curiosity, what made you think about just that?

    "This is the plan. There is an extremely sinister faction who strike from the shadows, who work from concealment. They work on a global level. They are very well organized. They do not mean well. They intend to begin with false flag attacks in Chicago, followed by San Diego and other cities. They hope to strike 10 or 12 American cities in all with low yield nuclear devices, killing tens of thousands in the initial blasts and many more from radioactive contamination in the aftermath. That is just the beginning of their plan.

    "Their intention is to wage totalitarian nuclear warfare."

    Though I prefer to take what is revealed through "visions" with a grain of salt. Unless you are a hyperconscious being, imagination can also come into play here.
  3. Doc's Avatar
    Hi! Your dream made me think of stolen or hijacked missiles meant to attack a major city.