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    The link has been updated by national archives, the old link is no longer working (404).
    New address:
    Bad address:
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    The address to request membership is:
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    Maintenance delayed one day, to around 09:00 AM GMT on Tuesday 27th March for a software upgrade
  4. neverwas's Avatar
    foo, I really liked the darker screen, not so hard on the old eyeballs
  5. pontificator's Avatar
    Errr, apologies then, I happened to join just then... *waves* Hi Fore
  6. Fore's Avatar
    The forum appears to be experiencing login and severe slowdowns.

    It seems it started late last night.
  7. CasperParks's Avatar
    Glad to hear the site is progressing....
  8. Doc's Avatar
    It is pretty impressive to me that we hit 200 members in 6 days.