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Hello, world........

Due to the recent schism at OM, we are given a chance to start over. I am blissfully ignorant of what caused the split, and, for the time being, I'll just be time sharing.

The purpose of my blog is to heal the schisms in the world, by converting them into an ecological best possible world (BPW), sub specie aeternitas, also know as the Kingdom Come, or what have you.

This is a somewhat lengthy tale that I have been pursuing for several decades.

Yes, and UFO's do play a critical role in the healing process.


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    self portrait

    surprised mode

    .. upon spilling th' coffee again

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    in sagittarius

    binary planetary system

    primary: mass 4.84x10e21 ton - diameter 12044 km
    secondary: mass 5.4x10e20 ton - diameter 6009 km

    distance betw primary and secondary: 54000 km
    period of mutual rotation: 12 days ( a one day period)
    period of orbit about parent star: 540 days
    distance of primary-secondary from star: 192 million km
    placement of primary-secondary: 5
    mass of parent star: 0.91 sun

    description: synchronous lock orbit - same side of each planet always faces same side of other
    both planets are completely spherical - no sign of bulging due to gravitational attraction
    compass always points in direction of othet planet
    axial tilt: 19 degrees
    both planets have atmospheres of nitrogen and oxygen and neon and argon and xenon and helium and water vapor ..
    atmospheric pressure on primary: 4x that of the earth
    temperature range of primary: - 100 in polar region to + 20 in equatorial region
    atmospheric pressure on secondary: 0.2x that of the earth
    temperature range on secondary ..

    primary is a frozen desert world with water ocean - two major continents in hemisphere facing secondary - islands abound - volcanic activity present - granitic rock and metamorphic rock predominate - metamorph similar to marble characterized by blue and red crystal - extensive radioactivity in exposed rock - mineral salts radiactive

    discussion: binary planets rotate about a common axis every 12 days (in earth day time) making a one day period in binary system - relatively long day period results in substantial exposure of planet surface to parent star light - a day on primary (and secondary) is 12 earth days long - four distinct layers of atmospheric clouds surround primary - secondary may be viewed from surface of primary - secondary appears as blue grey white red disc in primary sky

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