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Enjoying the new site. A blog!?

There is so much out there, going on. Feeling the "Pulse of Society" is not that difficult. As we enter the next year, elections in the United States pending it is most certain to get dirty.

At this point, I am tempted to tune-out the media. Still, as a writer keeping current is important. Perhaps tuning out from time to time is healthy, allowing to keep sanity and focus.

Voices of the people are ignored, not just in the US but around the world. People are primed and ready for something new.

The stage has been set for what is to come, be it good or bad. I suspect the later.

Voices of reason, drowned by those talking in their sleep.

Seekers of truth, hold fast, remain viligant. Don't fall for deception and lies. We look through a dark glass, unable to see clearly. They will claim to have cleaned the lense, rubbing it they will smug it making it difficult to see reality. So, look around the glass and ponder.