As Time Permits

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We bring forth what we believe in, as a fundamental rule of the universe. This law is as inescapable as any event horizon we choose to fall into. It is a choice and we all fall into this event horizon of intentions which attracts us to our individual destiny. Each of us are provided with our own general attractors having much to do with what we resonate with at any given point in time. What make the experience unique at the individual level is the accumulation of these various points in time. This conglomeration of experiences is a set of recognizable goals realized or redacted in some manner. This realization of goals may well be as simple as a steadfast adherence to our own intentional drive toward a belief resonating with what can be accomplished. Some may point to destiny, as an unknown force best viewed by those outside of the circumstances surrounding inevitable outcomes. Perhaps the position we choose in the yin and yang of constructive and destructive forces has much more to do with what we experience.

Take a moment out of each day to smile and appreciate what you do have and to learn something new, which will help you on your path.


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    how true