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Veterans Day, 11/11/2013

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Every year I look forward to Veterans Day in the USA. A number of businesses offer free meals, video rentals and discounts. I served in the Navy during a rare time of peace. Without VA Healthcare, I'd be overwhelmed by medical bills. Come Monday the 11th, will do something I rarely do - go out to eat! On the way home, swing by the video rental store and pick up a freebee - then home to kick up my feet, loosen the belt and watch a good movie.


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    Last year came down with cold / type of flue a day prior to Veterans Day. It should not have come as a surprise, sick again this year. Skipped my normal meds and dosed with generic flue and cold med. Hoping I feel better tomorrow.
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    Well, had a decent day. Still not up to par, got a free meal, then high-end coffee, crazy bread and video. Picked up Europa Report, keep hearing it is good. Will find out when I watch it.