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Mark Flynn the twin brother of the late David Flynn is about to release his first book.

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I knew Mark was working on something but I didn't know the details until now. It looks like he is going to begin walking in his brothers footsteps and move things forward. Below are some links as well as a snippet of the article on Tom Horn's site.

The Awakened Ones, The Hidden Destiny Of America, And The Day After Tomorrow

PART 1 - Summary

Some of the topics that will be encountered along the path of discovery include:

The meaning behind Greek architectural form, the pillars, and pediments in light of seldom understood insights provided by Plato.

An explanation of the path from the goddess represented and worshipped by the illuminated ones at Washington, DC, to their mythological roots beginning with the Garden of Eden.

The essence and function of currency in light of the Garden of Eden and the plan that the Nachash in human form, aka the Antichrist, has to replace the system in the near future.

Why the battle of Troy holds occult meaning important and related to the arcane power of the Washington Monument.

The establishment of the symbolic “pillars” at the separation of heaven and earth that occurred in the Garden of Eden.

The concept of a circuit-based alphabet and its relationship to the symbol for the One God.

The symbolic beginning of the false reunification of heaven and earth demonstrated by the destruction of the Twin Towers.

How the story of Samson is believed by the initiates to incorporate esoteric meaning of the mystery religion and prophesies of coming destruction.

The identification of the true object of worship practiced by modern Freemasonry—Athena to Mithras, to Attis and Cybele, Semiramis and Ninus, Neith and Ra, Isis and Osiris, and Eve and the Nachash.

Mark Flynn's web site:

Watcher Vault