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Not Growing

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Here's something A.W.Tozer wrote in his book "The Root of the Righteous" that certainly cracks open a door that reveals a very wide problem of not growing. There is no instant spiritual maturity for any of us. It never happened for Abraham,David,or Moses. It took years of trusting,obeying and many times just waiting before they really knew the God who called them. All of us begin as babes but we are not to remain sucking milk forever.

I quote A.W.Tozer........"Probably the most widespread and persistent problem to be found among Christians is the problem of retarded spiritual progress. Why, after years of Christian profession, do so many persons find themselves no farther along than when they first believed?"
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  1. lycaeus's Avatar
    Because many Christians think connecting to God is as simple as going to church on Sundays and talking about Jesus once in a while. Too many Christians too eagerly relieve themselves of the burden of self responsibility by believing simply worshipping and spreading the belief of worship in their external saviour is enough to be spiritual. They think that they just need to say a couple lines, do a couple things the priests and Bible say to do, then they won't go to Hell and they'll get into heaven where they can party it up.
  2. ScaRZ's Avatar
    Lycaeus..........You made some very good points.

    We are suppose to be growing and always moving forward. It's so easy to become lazy and that soon turns into a trap. I don't believe we come to the end of the road unless we choose to stop. Once a person stops it becomes very difficult to begin again.