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Deep Dream........The Hourglass Pill

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I've had dreams as far back as I can remember. The vast majority are just simple dreams but some I call "Deep Dreams" I believe carry with them special messages.

Are they only for me,or are they for others as well?........"I only know for sure they carry a special message directed at me."


The Hourglass Pill

I was in an area that reminded me of a backroom of a large building. There was a large table in front of me and a little off to the right was a very large sink. A very beautiful lady with long black hair was standing in front of the sink and had something small in her hand.

I watched as she took what appeared to be a type of pill, placing it in her mouth and swallowing it. She then motioned for me to come over close to her. As I walked up next to her she ask me if I would please comfort her because she was about to get very sick.

Before I moved another inch she began to tremble and turned so pale it frightened me to the very core of my soul. She then hung her head over the sink and that's when I began to try and comfort her. I pulled her hair behind her head and gently stroked her head. She was so very sick and kept barfing up in the sink until the sickness finally ended.

As soon as she pulled herself upright I could see she was glowing with happiness and appeared to have a great light around her.

She then reached in a pocket of her pants, pulled out another pill and ask me to take it. She held the pill out very close where I could see it.

The pill was in the shape of an hourglass and within the pill you could see the sand. When she flipped the pill over the sand would run as that through an hourglass.

She then told me that the pill would make me very sick after I took it but only a short time would pass and then great joy,comfort,peace,and love would follow.

Then for the very first time in the dream another lady appeared and told me I could handle taking the pill.

I remember feeling a fear of the sickness but desired what was to follow.

My eyes then opened from the dream.

My interpretation of the Deep Dream......."The Hourglass Pill".

The dream appeared to be in the line of thinking as life. The hourglass as the sands run out is death in this life. In this world life brings much tribulation,heartache,sickness and death but after this fleshly life will come comfort,peace and true love.

She swallows the hourglass pill of life=she was born into this fleshly life. The sickness then followed a short time after her birth or taking the pill.

One day the sickness will finally pass from her as the hourglass sand runs to the bottom. Then she glows with a new light and life.

Sometimes we think with all the heartache that life isn't worth living,but the end result is worth all the heartache.

In other words the other woman that told me I could handle taking the pill was telling me I can handle the tribulations that will come from this life.

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