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    by Published on 11-24-2011 02:55 PM

    I've been involved in alien abduction research since 1994. Over the years I've gained some insights which I think help explain the dynamics in the phenomenon. Below I'll first give the nutshell version of eight of my current ‘working hypotheses' with regard to Alien Abductions. Then, I'll elaborate shortly on each of the items.

    1. Existence of a treaty – The US Government has had contact with extraterrestrial civilizations, and this resulted in a treaty with a consortium of aliens.
    2. Content of the treaty – Part of the treaty was a deal in which technology was exchanged for the right to abduct, on the condition that the people were not harmed, and returned without any memory of the event. Lists of people who had been abducted had to be handed over. Other aspects involve the permission to have bases on US soil, as well as an exchange program.
    3. US Military involvement – Somewhere along the line, it became clear that things went wrong, which resulted in a change in MO, where the USG would be more actively involved in the abductions, in order to make sure that they had some control or at least a clearer view on what was going on. The result of this is that many abductees remember seeing military personnel working together with aliens.
    4. RE-ABS – Apart from this, but for the same reason, i.e. to get a clearer picture of what is going on, the Military abducts abductees and questions them. (MILABS, type 1 – also labelled ‘RE-ABS').
    5. Intruders – They found out that apart from the aliens with whom a treaty was made, other aliens had started engaging in abductions, too, outside of the control of the USG.
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