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    3 Min News

    From: Suspicious0bservers.Org

    COSMIC DISASTER | CIA: Classified

    Very informative if you have the

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    Military News

    U.S. Space Force says its new seal is not a Starfleet knockoff
    by Sandra Erwin
    January 25, 2020

    The image of the U.S. Space

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    Military News

    24 Jan 2020
    Military.com | By Oriana Pawlyk

    The U.S. Space Force seal has arrived.
    A month after

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    How would ET disclosure change our legal system?

    Anthropomorphize - to assign human characteristics to things non- human.
    An alien attorney. There's something I had not considered...

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    Beware of falling iguanas

    No, this isn't a sign of the Apocalypse but it might be of climate change. Florida is having a cold spell. It's so cold that iguanas might fall out of

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