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    Current Events in Astronomy

    Earth has acquired a brand new moon that's about the size of a car.

    Space 26 February 2020
    By Leah Crane

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    Yea, your right, it sounded a bit off to me too, but I hadn't heard anything like that before. On the other hand, who knows what powers a communist governments

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    Sorry Epo I think its a bit stupid and the guy is irresponsible for peddling it.
    For one thing the virus completely indiscriminate. Why use a virus

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    Did CHINA unleash #BioMediaWarfare on its OWN PEOPLE to CRUSH the Health & Freedom Move:

    Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai: In addition to

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    Chinese Initiative for ET Disclosure

    This is really worth watching. The guy who made has put a lot of hard work into this.
    History of the UFO topic at the UN followed by a detailed

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