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Thread: Alien Invasion confirmed by Russian Prime Minister?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post
    Much Cleaner version from the original channel. (Terrible subber, but I guess you can't ask for much considering it is free)
    Thanks, Fore.
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    The Secret KGB UFO Files

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    Recent article by Kissinger is interesting. He clearly knew Medvedev and calls Putin a freind

    From 2007 into 2009, Evgeny Primakov and I chaired a group composed of retired senior ministers, high officials and military leaders from Russia and the United States, including some of you present here today. Its purpose was to ease the adversarial aspects of the U.S.-Russian relationship and to consider opportunities for cooperative approaches. In America, it was described as a Track II group, which meant it was bipartisan and encouraged by the White House to explore but not negotiate on its behalf. We alternated meetings in each other’s country. President Putin received the group in Moscow in 2007, and President Medvedev in 2009. In 2008, President George W. Bush assembled most of his National Security team in the Cabinet Room for a dialogue with our guests...

    Full article at the link below

    You have to ask who told Medvedev?

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    Well, we've known it for years. It was just a matter of time till it was made public. Glad to see it happening.

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