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Thread: Bigelow Funding and Research into the SkinWalker ranch

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    The link below is the best full explanation of what a Skinwalker actually is that I have found.

    Be sure to which the video of Rangers John Dover and Stan Milford talking about just a couple of many Skinwalker cases. About 4 or five paragraphs down.

    John Dover will be on Coast to Coast tonight.

    Jonathan Dover spent 31 years as a law enforcement officer. He worked in the Arizona Police Department, the National Park Service, Navajo Historic Preservation Department, and the Navajo Nation Rangers. He joins George Knapp to discuss how he was assigned to officially investigate cases involving Bigfoot, the paranormal, Navajo witchcraft, and UFOs, along with his eyewitness account of the Phoenix Lights
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    Thanks Epo great article

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    So now I have an understanding of them, it doesn't really explain the portals. I'm thinking there must be more than one type, and perhaps the paranormal portal(s) attract the technological portal(s).

    Like humans have made machines to mimic animals, (airplanes/birds ~ submarines/fish). Maybe other dimensional beings have followed suit in regards to portals!

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    I think the technology could be consciousness based or engineering based.

    So certain rites can open them up and so can certain tech.
    What I keep coming across is that local hotspots are linked to areas where of little or no magnetic field.
    I don’t know if that is true at the ranch or it’s much more complicated than that.

    I would think that it might be the case that once you’ve created a portal in a certain place, you make it easier repeat it a second time.

    All the stuff to do with EMPs is really important. Aircraft, cars - regularly power down near UFOs. Bigelow was looking into that - he rigged a ring of laptops at Homestead 2 - they all got powered down simultaneously. How exactly do these EMPs operate? Are they massive gamma ray bursts like when a nuke explodes? Or do they work in another fashion? Gamma ray bursts would be very easy to detect. Is the same technology responsible for the batteries dying all the time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post

    Follow the link
    Thank you muchly . . . Your posts are the only time I see these episodes.

    I think your right about "once you’ve created a portal in a certain place, you make it easier repeat it a second time".

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    John Dover interviewed by George Knapp

    Investigating the Paranormal on Navajo Lands

    Veteran law enforcement officer Jonathan Dover joined George Knapp for a riveting discussion about his work officially investigating and documenting significant cases involving UFOs, Bigfoot, Skinwalkers, and other strange activity on Navajo Nation lands. Explaining that the region encompasses a whopping 27,000 square miles of land and is home to around 450,000 people, he mused that "the reports have always been there," but they had largely only been anecdotal until he and his partner in the Navajo Nation Rangers were tasked with looking into such calls. Although less than one percent of their overall work involved high strangeness, Dover noted, these reports were often truly amazing events...

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    New York Post i/v with Eric Davis

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    Secret of Skinwalker Ranch S01e07
    Follow the link

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    Quote Originally Posted by Longeyes View Post
    Secret of Skinwalker Ranch S01e07
    Follow the link
    Impressive to see the owner bring in Linda Moulton How into the team . . .

    At the end a video, it said the season finally would be June 2ed . . .

    Thanks for the post.

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