Keith Basterfield has been digging around Bigelow's funding of research into consciousness and NDEs.
Many of the big names are either asscociated with NIDS or UNLV where he donated $3.7 million, Raymond Moody, Melvin Morse, Charles Tart.

Looking back now its amazing how many of the top NDE researchers were on the Science Advisory Board at NIDS.

One person he has left off the list is Kit Green.

Much more on Keith's blog...


Robert Bigelow and research into consciousness

In 1997, Robert Thomas Bigelow, and his wife Diane, donated money to the University Of Nevada, Las Vegas to establish a Chair of Consciousness Studies....

...In fact, at this point it would be worth while providing a list of individuals who were on the NIDS Science Advisory Board, taken from the Wayback Machine's filing of the NIDS website.

John B Alexander; Warren Burggren; Douglas P Ferraro; Albert A Harrison; Edgar Mitchell; Melvin Morse; Martin Piltch; Harold E Puthoff; Theodore Rockwell; John F Scheussler; Jessica Utts; Jacques Vallee; Jim Whinnery.