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Thread: Guerilla Novelist, Casper Parks - Updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by CasperParks View Post
    Unexpected Craziness!

    I listed all five of my novels free as eBooks at select retailers Mid October through November 30th, 2021. For reasons that are unknown, four of the five books are in the top 100 as free eBooks at Google Play! Free doesn't count toward bestseller lists... Taking into account the number of free eBooks at Google Play, making into the top 100 is cool...

    With everything going-on about UAP/UFOs in the news and people talking about Disclosure, it's understandable that Coming from Darkness made it into the top 100.

    eBooks of my novels are free almost everywhere, but wasn't able to offer free at Amazon. Visit the Casper Parks website for links to retailers by clicking here.

    Paperbacks of my books are starting to show-up at several online retailers, and will post links in the near future.

    With each new book my writing improves. Order books were released:
    1) Perceptional Threshold
    2) Ages Past
    3) Coming from Darkness
    4) Bristol
    5) Accidental Destiny

    Accidental Destiny was released Summer 2021...

    I'll do free from time to time, simply to push my titles up in the algorithms. It was unexpected that four of my books made into the top 100 at Google Play as free eBooks.
    Nice, nice. Congratulations!
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    - Jef Mallett

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garuda View Post
    Nice, nice. Congratulations!
    Thanks... It's weird and happened out of the blue. It's been in a pattern like that for a few days. The numbers are moving up and down, but staying in the top 100 as free eBooks.

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