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Thread: Guerilla Novelist, Casper Parks - Updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by A99 View Post
    Real page turners and very entertaining books by an extremely talented and imaginative writer! I've read all of them and I highly recommend them for science fiction fans!
    Thanks... Glad to know you enjoyed them...

    I need to kick myself and get next two finished.

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    Very few people can write fiction to the level that you can Casper... I couldn't even attempt such a feat, even if my life depended on it. You have a gift and you need to keep nourishing it. Hope you finish those books!
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    Casper Parks interview on "Shift Happens" available at Speaker for listening and *downloading.

    Shift Happens, click here for podcast at Speaker

    We are considering doing this podcast from time to time and calling it "Feeling The Pulse Of Society".
    Analyzing news, currents events - Cause and Effect.
    Last half hour of episode, we discussed entertainment industry.

    The *download feature is nice for listening on a trip.
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    Casper Parks: Episode two Feeling the Pulse of Society on Shift Happens available at Speaker for listening and download.

    Feeling the Pulse of Society is new, still getting my footing for it. It is fun recording the series.

    Feeling the Pulse of Society is analyzing news, currents events and random ramblings. First portion of episode two, we discuss the entertainment industry, then news and current events.

    We also discuss the "difference between hacking an election and rigging it".

    Shift Happens, click here for podcast at Speaker. Please share link on Social Media, thank-you.

    Also, Shift Happens can be heard on the internet radio station: The Fringe FM.
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