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Thread: Guerilla Novelist, Casper Parks - Updates

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garuda View Post
    Nice reviews!

    Knew when I published would take a few hits on errors. Ralph encouraged me to go ahead and put stuff out there, with each book there is improvement.

    Glad I did.

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    Spring Season Special

    Ages Past and Perceptional Threshold are free as e-Books at select retailers through May 2014:
    i-Tunes / Google Play / Kobo

    Print and e-Books:
    Amazon / Barnes & Noble
    *e-books at Amazon and B&N are 99 cents.

    There are grammar errors - still worth the read.
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    Prior to hitting the road was playing around with music software. I have better versions/mixes of the song on my computer tower packed in the back of the truck... This version was uploaded to youtube and easy to access. Title for the song, "No Tomorrow" fits the story.

    Coming From Darkness book promo video test.
    No Tomorrow:
    Musical production by Casper Parks.
    All right reserved.
    Copyright May 2014.

    Now, if I can focus enough to finish the finial edit... This book frightens me. The story within the story I cover subject matter that many are uncomfortable with. In there lays the issue, a major edit to alter that or leave it alone... A bestselling author read a rough draft and thought I handled the subject matter well and not to worry. Tossed and turned regarding posting this video or not... Decided, maybe it will kick me in the rear-end to get it done...

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    That time of year, again. Perceptional Threshold takes place over a Halloween weekend. Offering temporary as free where I am able to do so, free-bees end on November 12th, 2014.

    Free as an e-book at the following:
    i-Tunes / i-Books
    Google Play
    Kobo Books

    Scribd is a paid subscription e-book store.

    99 cents at the following for e-book:
    Barnes & Noble

    Paperback at: (prices vary)
    Barnes & Noble

    Reviews are appreciated. Reviews effect algorithms, putting books into a higher view categories.

    *Spread the word, please share at social networking and other websites.


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    Alien Rapture - The Chosen (Unabridged): Unabridged Long Version - Restored [Kindle Edition]

    Alien Rapture - The Chosen (Unabridged): Unabridged Long Version - Restored [Kindle Edition] Half the price of the publishers version. It's only $4.50

    Book Description: Publication Date: August 26, 2014 - 414 Pages of the Long Original Version - Before the Publisher cut 40% of the book!


    I'm currently looking for a published scientific-physics writer to help me re-write a book titled
    : Oracle. A science fiction 'Space Opera' which was lauded by several major agents.

    Edgar Fouche

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar Fouche View Post
    I'm currently looking for a published scientific-physics writer to help me re-write a book titled
    : Oracle. A science fiction 'Space Opera' which was lauded by several major agents.

    Edgar Fouche
    My opinion, allow one of the agents you mentioned to shop it.

    Publishing houses have on staff editors. Each editor is different, one will tell you to change this and that - another editor will tell you something different - and another editor may tell you something else which ends up being what it was to begin with.

    "If a publisher picks-up the book, it is their editor that you have to please". That was the advice a bestselling author gave me, and he has 60 plus novels published.

    A scientific physics writer does technical books. Technical style of writing is vastly different from fiction. That is not to say, a technical writer cannot do fiction. A lot of writers do both... It is not uncommon for a writer to piggyback with an established author, hoping to build a reading audience.

    If you decided to go it on your own with an agent, I suggest researching any technical stuff and generalize it. Do not bore fiction readers with detailed technical stuff, keep it believable and simple.

    Good luck with your new book...
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    Please note, I did not write a book titled: Alien Rapture - The Chosen. The book was mistakenly promoted in a dedicated thread.

    I wish them the best with book sales...

    Casper Parks

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    Ever have one of those days? Yep, realized I never posted book video promos at The Outpost Forum in dedicated thread!

    Did these a couple years ago. Book promo videos take a long time to do, and unsure they help promote a book. They are fun to make. First one, got permission from a friend back in my music industry days to use his song. Second one, a friend did a sound track for a horror film. This melody wasn't used in the film. He still owned the rights and granted me permission to use it. Thought the videos were posted here, but checking the thread and not found.

    After three months on the road, settling in for winter and set-up the computer tower. Getting that tower back on a desk, wow the stuff that needs to get done.

    A little background for the tail-end, Pondering in the first video... 18 years ago, a friend who was 17 had knocked-up his girlfriend. Nine months later, they were both 18 and married. The marriage didn't last. On the night their daughter was born, I wrote Inception in his daughter's honor. Doubt she even knows it was written. Daddy turned-out to be a fantastic father, proud of him.

    Enjoy the music...
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