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Thread: Suspicious Experiences Possibly Related To Alien/Abduction Phenomenon

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    Suspicious Experiences Possibly Related To Alien/Abduction Phenomenon

    I have a few things I want to share, some experiences I've had that relate to aliens or abduction. I'll post them in intervals because it's easier for me to focus on one thing at a time. Any comments are appreciated.


    There is a vivid dream that has stuck in my conscious memory. It was really traumatizing and I can picture it pretty clearly. There are two dreams I recorded in my notebook for the two days prior to the really vivid one that seemed to be foreshadowing of something negative to come:

    "I was at Brandon's house and Jerry was there. Jerry thought I was into hard drugs."
    (Brandon is older than me, and a wicked singer and guitarist that I admired. Jerry taught both of us and was a wise, loving father-figure to me. When I dreamt of him thinking I'm into drugs, that indicates that I'm not on the right path as Jerry symbolized the 'good/right/virtuous' path of life. And I didn't want him to know about my partying. What stood out was my conscious, guiltful acknowledgment that I had screwed up)

    "I was holding my sword like I was last night. I looked down and noticed it was really twisted out of shape from me pushing on it. I'd also seen me pull my whole toenail off with my fingers."
    (I think the bent sword represents my weakened defenses. My self-mutilation represents that I am hurting myself, probably due to self-destructive thinking and activities.)

    The notes are really bad so I'll replay it mostly from memory:

    I awoke (in my dream) out of bed and walked out of my bedroom, very disturbed or alarmed. I had a sense that 'they were coming'(!). I remember walking into the living room and noticed the front door of the basement apartment was open. I could see people walking up to the front door, outside. I looked around the living room, and saw the people who were over last night, who slept over, sleeping on the floor, a mattress and a couch. There were 3-5 friends/room-mates sleeping there. I started yelling at them to wake up, really loud. I started gathering some of the various weapons I kept around the apartment so I could give to them to use to fight off the people who were coming. I grabbed a golf club, a baseball bat, a sword and I think a beebee gun. I tossed the weapons at my sleeping friends as I screamed at them to wake up. I remember saying something along the lines of 'I told you! It's them, the ones I've been talking about. Now you see!?'. Nobody was getting up so I started shaking and slapping them but it was of no use. They were all just out cold and before ya know it, I notice there are a bunch of people in the living room. Some I think were all-human, but some had heads like gorillas, and I think their bodies might have been concealed by clothes. They were mostly, if not all of them, 'gorilla men'. The memory is a bit vague and I was really emotional so I don't remember all the details.
    Before I had the chance to throw a punch, one of them stuck a needle in my arm. I was extremely pissed off, and everything faded into black.
    In the blackness, it kind of felt like I was sitting and I don't know how much time had passed. Then I felt, the strangely familiar, sensation of a needle go right into the top of my head. I 'knew' that this injection was of memories. I thought that some people around me were talking about injecting me with memories and sending me home, or it was my inner, intuitive voice that was telling me the injection was of memories.
    Then the blackness turned into me walking in a city I wasn't familiar with. At this point in the dream, I 'woke up' and had 'remembered that I ran into someone who stuck a needle into me and that there was a handful of guys in my living room'. I kept on walking and was quickly enveloped in a whirlwind, then I woke up in my bed. (I took a strong dose of melatonin that night, probably no more than 3 or 4 times the recommended dose. Just enough to get my caffeine saturated body to sleep.) When I awoke that morning, I scribbled down a few incoherant sentences, but later in the day I remembered it more clearly.

    That dream can easily be my imagination running wild from reading conspiracy and alien books. It's just really curious because it was so vivid.

    I'm also suspicious for other reasons. It's not the only dream with needles. I've woken up with a perfectly round scoop mark on my right ankle. I've also woken up with a strange mark near the scoop mark that you could only view under a black light. It was about 5mm. It was a little circle with two symmetrical squares on each side of the circle. This mark was subdermal (under the skin) and couldn't be scrubbed off (believe me, I tried). It was greenish yellow. There were no hiliters in the house either. I showed several people the mark too. My room mate also woke up with green yellow markings all over his arm, a few days after I woke with mine. His marks were not symmetrical geometric shapes, but looked more like random spill stains, or grab marks he thought. They had straight edges. There were green yellow drops on the couch he slept on in my room that you could only see under the black light.

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    OBE/Channeling To/From Andromeda

    Me and my room mate were up late one night, wrecked on coffee. We started talking about channeling and decided to give it a whirl. My room mate/best friend "JC" and I laid down, closed our eyes and tried to channel. I got nothing but within seconds JC said "I'm getting Marcy". I doubt he was making this up because I was there when it was happening and he wasn't in to alien or channeling books like I was. He never talked about aliens or believed in reincarnation or any of that. At the time, he was in the moment, experiencing something weird with his eyes closed.

    He said that he flew through the stars and was transported to a building that looked like it was from Attack of The Clones. He walked into a room where Marcy said 'Welcome to Andromeda'. He kept his eyes closed and said it was difficult for him to talk to me, but he laughed because it was such 'a crazy weird thing to be in two places at once'. He spoke telepathically with Marcy and verbally with me. He said it was easier for me to ask the questions and he would give me the answers. I took notes on the whole conversation, but couldn't type fast enough to get everything. I got most of all of Marcy's responses though, but not my questions, so I'm filling in the blanks from memory (in brackets). He had trouble communicating the whole conversation to me while it was happening, so the this will seem pretty incomplete. Plus I haven't talked to him in a couple years, but there are some interesting things. :
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    OBE/Channeling To/From Andromeda (continued...)

    (she identified herself as)
    marcy from andromeda
    never be content
    you will be content when you die
    bitter (JC said she wasn't stunningly beautiful, just normally human looking, with a somewhat serious or 'bitter' demeanor)likes jazz, mozart (I was kind of confused about what to ask an alien from another galaxy so I asked about the kind of music she likes)
    something about the sun (?)
    sun and earth from space perspective (what JC was seeing)
    your destiny is your destiny, you know what it is (I asked what my destiny was)
    andromeda is the biggest galaxy, the hq for the entire multiverse
    milky way is little brother protected by andromeda
    pay attention!
    nowhere on earth is safe (I asked if there were any safe spots on earth)
    vision of death, icy, swastika, snow falling (JC described a dilapidated city covered in snow, desolate)
    JC, look out for yourself (JC had attempted suicide a year before. His love of his life was cheating on him at this time. A couple months later he jumped out of a window but luckily his dad caught his feet)
    JC alone on beach, calm weather, hot sand. only person (JC had a vision of himself. [He was extremely wise and talented for his age])

    protect yourself, care more about yourself
    not sure about a flood in toronto, but would not say if she knew (I asked about the end of the world)
    all eyes are on you
    (Question about how we can remove the hate from our souls so we can experience more love)
    care more about yourself
    (Q about humanity shifting to a higher frequency)
    no higher dimension
    humanity is not becoming more psychic
    *smiling*, you're gonna do great!
    (Q: Are hard times ahead?)
    but first you need to care about yourself
    hard times are ahead, but we will survive
    the weather won't change too much in your lifetime
    does routine checkups, most people don't notice (She said she is like a guidance cousellor. She dedicates all her time to helping others whether they listen or not. Unfortunately, many people don't get to talk to people like her because they dismiss the voices in their head as insanity)
    meditation is good
    weed (marijuana) and drinking is a bad idea, stay away from those things. it's a distraction
    (Q: Is smoking detrimental?)
    cigarettes are not detrimental, but a distraction
    (Q: Distraction from what?)
    distraction from existence
    key is to be yourself
    (Are you human?)
    human, but works in andromeda, lived there for past 18 years
    (Are magic mushrooms good?)
    mushrooms are good, yes and no, don't overindulge. [she was reluctant in saying this]
    (the only thing you shouldn't use in moderation is moderation!)
    she likes that saying
    if everyone did 1 g of shrooms every day, no hallucination, everyone would be loving and enjoy life
    love is your natural state of being, hate is synthetic
    You do not love everyone.
    (JC had vision of bandages [???])
    stop wasting your life by sleeping it away
    you know what you need to do
    (How much sleep do we really need?)
    optimal sleep is 1/2 hour naps multiple times a day, like an animal, short naps, be more like a dog
    but 8 hours a night, in this society
    (Q: How do we remove the hate to make room for love?)
    how does a junkie drop an addiction? hatred is synthetic and love is natural. you're supposed to love. take out the problem
    (Q:What is the biggest problem?)
    pride is the biggest problem
    a lot of pride on this planet, people are proud of nothing
    a lot of stupidity
    (Q: How do I stop having nightmares?)
    nightmares and dreams are the border between unconscious and conscious self, if there's inner turmoil, it is reflected as outer turmoil. the more problem free you are the less nightmares
    (Q: What's with the weird people in my room at night, who the hell are they?)
    your paranoia isn't delusion, but it's something for you to cry about
    the more nightmares, the more inner turmoil
    bad things in daily life=more inner turmoil
    one is pure consciousness, other is half consciousness
    look at dreams for problems and fix them
    don't stress too much
    don't worry too much about dreams (I was obsessed with writing every dream and felt guilty when I missed one)
    better yourself, be a good human being
    don't obsess, love is an obsession
    cut out the fear
    (Q: Do negative beings feed on fear?)
    the conspiracy that beings feed on fear is a lie
    the beings you see are the fear and anxiety
    things in the world are hard for us to understand
    beings are not entirely fabrications though, they exist because of inner turmoil. they don't feed off the inner turmoil, they are the inner turmoil
    the problem with you humans is you don't care
    you care about the wrong things
    she doesn't have much of a life, devoted to giving people advice, whether or not they listen. a lot of paperwork (lol)
    a lot of paperwork in andromeda
    like a phoneless telemarketing service
    always think of yourself as an important person, care for yourself, do the best for yourself, but always do more for others
    if you don't think a lot of yourself, you won't think much of others
    don't be proud for the wrong reasons
    (Q: What do ear tones mean?)
    never been asked that question before
    ear tones are hard to explain. our concept of electricity is wrong. world made up of nerves like human body, electrical response, sometimes they are warnings, like goosebumps, sometimes nothing.
    no difference between left and right ears
    the pitch is important, higher means more important
    she doesn't know everything though
    (I met a guy online who said he was being trained by a being from m45 so I asked if she knew anything about the 'pleiadean training program')
    m 45 is the pleiades, not aware of pleiades training, who, what or why they train people
    andromedans more like a guidance office set in middle of universe
    a lot of people asking about pleiades and apocalyptic events. she's not aware of any doomsday events.
    (but she said that she) wouldn't say even if she was
    for all she knows, the pleiadean's could be doing it for amusement
    (Q: Were we genetically modified?)
    JC had a visualization, of all life, every human evolutionary stage. from the big bang to the first cell, to a fish etc...
    there has been more than one genetic manipulation done to humans,
    the conspiracy that we were engineered to be slaves, no manipulation can make one a slave, people simply enslave one another
    slavery is in the mind
    there is a possibility to be free
    the manipulation was done to share gifts other species have, wanted to share with an earthly creature
    (Q: Do aliens write music?)
    other species do make music and create
    a lot of sentient, more advanced species out there
    the universe is mental, the human body isn't automically as strong as other species
    human beings are the ones enslaving each other, like earth gangsters kill each other
    a lot of people fearful of aliens
    this whole insanity thing holds people back
    (Q: What's your definition of insanity?)
    the only definition of insanity is one who harms another
    voices in the head are harmless
    a lot of people on earth are from different parts of the universe, their souls
    (Q: What is the empty white space I remember before I was born?)
    the white space is probably an imagination of the afterlife, before being transferred to prison they put you in a holding cell.
    you sit there and contemplate before you move into a body. a painful process
    people are not treated nicely there, but as a criminal
    after being reincarnated over and over again the employees there start to get very frustrated
    we are ignorant
    you can learn a lot from religions,
    if you look at all worldly religions, almost all have the same values, but their flaw is that they centralize their worship to a deity
    if it was more open, it would be more helpful
    you can learn a lot from religious texts, like the seven deadly sins
    pride, eating too much food, greed and vanity are all things that will hold you back
    (Q: Is there any significance to the random doodles that JC was just drawing earlier?)
    helicopter: is from ancient egyptian hieroglyphs (I showed JC a picture recently from the 'net)
    the city with tsunami is an unconscious fear of mine that JC is aware of
    every time we talk of toronto its unconsciously brought up. JC is aware of my fear
    illuminati eye: is from internet
    sun between new mountains: is dawn of the new day from j maxwell
    random scribbly writing: language nothing known to man, just a doodle
    put it this way, if you're on the beach and the water is glistening, gorgeous, off on horizon u c 2 mountains, tall and pointy, slowly sun rises higher above mountains. if you saw that, it would be beautiful. but if you stay on the beach too long you will get burned
    all in perception
    a lot of financially powerful people, but spiritually lacking
    they will be treated poorly in afterlife, will keep reincarnating, moreso than those who see the sun as something beautiful
    (Q:What do our weird birthmarks mean?)
    birth marks, skin discoloration. JC forgot he burnt himself
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    This is an interesting thread! I skimmed it over and bookmarked it to read it later when I have time to do that.

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    OBE/Channeling To/From Andromeda (continued...)
    The first channeling ended when we mentioned that we had to clean the kitchen. Marcy told us 'go clean the kitchen'. So we did. I want to point out that we felt excited, positive, happy and clear headed during and after this channeling. Marcy seemed really friendly and was interested in helping us. She didn't play to my ego and that is especially evident when she said 'You don't love everyone'. That was in response to my comment where I said 'I try to love everyone'.

    After we did some chores, we went back to my room and tried to contact her again. I was frustrated because I wasn't able to OBE Andromeda, but my friend did it with ease. I never believed he was making it up because he was completely immersed in the experience and concentrating very hard on talking to 2 people at once (me and marcy).

    So I closed my eyes and tried real hard for a few moments at silencing my mind calling out and being receptive but got nothing. So JC said he'd try again. Instantly he got back there! He said he was in a normal human looking waiting room, liike in a school office where other people sat around. He looked at a magazine there. I asked what the mag' was about and he said he didn't really notice, but it was just a normal magazine about houses or clothes or something normal. Soon, he was in the room with Marcy. They were looking at each other again and communicated without moving their lips. JC asked why I couldn't contact her and her immediate response was 'Oh, we only talk to females here' (!? strange...). JC is bi sexual and I am heterosexual. Marcy said something about how straight men are 'too rational' so I guess that mean I wasn't open enough in some way. JC did argue for me and said that I had a right to talk to her since he did though.

    He kept bugging her, so she picked up a phone and 'called' me. (JC said that he wasn't sure if she was pretending or actually attempting to communicate with me). So I closed my eyes and tried again, but I got nothing. I was disappointed and began to doubt the reality of this happening, but I've always believed that JC was telling the truth. This happened around the summer time of 2010 at my old apartment, where a bunch of weird things happened during the time I lived there. We never tried to channel her again. There is a picture of me in that room, and there are almost a hundred 'orbs' floating around...

    I also want to point out that JC was different than me. I will write more about his anomalies, but at the time this channeling happened, the best way to describe our differences is that he was more pure of heart than me. I was constantly indulging my lower mind focused on materiality and being egotistical) and he was more focused on writing music and dealing with his shadow side, being up front and honest about his issues. He was far more confident than me and not as burdened as much as myself by fear and depression (I was going though a really rough time for a few reasons). So my conclusion is that his soul was more pure/honest than mine. He was singing way more often than me too (singing cleanses the soul fast) so that may have helped as well. JC noticed around this time period, that I had a black circle above my head when he saw my aura. It appeared and then faded after a few seconds. Maybe that means I had a negative attachment, idk.

    The comment about how straight men are too rational to receive communication has created a subtle doubt in me. Maybe the whole thing was a projection of his unconscious? But maybe there is a reality to that comment. Either way, it seemed real, and gave us both a positive boost in the right direction.
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    OBE/Channeling To/From Andromeda (continued...)

    JC said that the building where Marcy's 'guidance counsellor office' was like a building or city floating in space. The inside looked like in these pictures:

    Star_Wars_II__Attack_of_the_Clones_Wallpaper_JxHy.jpg star-wars-episode-ii-attack-of-the-clones-33128.jpg

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    she doesn't have much of a life, devoted to giving people advice, whether or not they listen. a lot of paperwork (lol)
    a lot of paperwork in andromeda
    like a phoneless telemarketing service
    For a long time now I've wondered if ETs have to deal with telepathic spam, maybe there's the answer?

    (Q: What is the empty white space I remember before I was born?)
    the white space is probably an imagination of the afterlife, before being transferred to prison they put you in a holding cell.
    you sit there and contemplate before you move into a body. a painful process
    people are not treated nicely there, but as a criminal
    after being reincarnated over and over again the employees there start to get very frustrated
    Interesting take on the afterlife.

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    Lucaeus, I definitely think that this is very true and it was something that Dan Mitchell said on his blog too. And as for "going through the dark night of the soul", anyone who has had a spiritual awakening, has gone through something like that and it's part of the "process". Carl Jung has written about this topic extensively.

    Because you seem to be going through a spiritual crisis now, my suggestion to you is to start attending mass or service in your local area every week. Just being around people who are spiritually evolved, and there would have to be at least a few of those people at those services, may rub off on you. IOW's, just being in the same room with them can do wonders! There's much to be said about group worship to G-d. You are not going to find that on the internet becaue you need to be actually with people like that in-person and not "virtually". Check out if there is a Unity Church in your area. That may be a good start. Just throwing in my .02 worth.
    About Dan's warning to stay away from reading alien stuff... I thought it was good advice and still do but I had a bad impression of him so I didn't take it too seriously.

    About the dark night of the soul... that phrase seems to underestimate the impact of a spiritual crisis. I'd like to know how many years a dark night of the soul is supposed to last. It's not a two month depression thing.

    For working through your psychological shadow, I found this author/podcaster to be of much help and inspiration, if anyone's interested.

    Thanks for the advice but I went to a church service one time and it was the creepiest experience ever with a lot of dull people randomly saying 'praise Jesus' and 'hallelujah' lol. I like the pure teachings of Christianity, but modern churches don't work for me and I don't do well in big crowds, but fortunately I do have good people in the real physical world I can talk to and spend time with. Some of the finest people I've known are Christians though, so I'm not hating on it, it just doesn't work for me. I would be asking too many questions and making everyone uncomfortable.

    My favourite religion at the moment is Gnosticism. I really like their teachings which you can find online.

    The problem is that I have a lot of suspicions and questions about fringe stuff and it's almost impossible to find people in the real world to talk about it directly. That's why I like this forum

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    @Fore, thanks again for the response

    I am not one of those types who are a strong believer that Spirituals suck on emotions.

    They might get a kick out of it though in causing despair and tragedy. I dunno.
    I started really questioning this after the channeling with Marcy posted above^^^^ when she said that the emotional feeding by the beings is a lie. But she said that the beings were the fear and anxiety and that there are things about this world that are hard to understand.

    I've thought that negative beings don't really give anything, they just take and eventually evolve into a black hole, while those who give might evolve into a star.

    Maybe it's not technically emotions but life force energy they feed on? I would like to see some more evidence about this. I've heard stories online like about people seeing weird etheric things sucking their energy leaving them exhausted. And I've felt a lot of times that simply being near certain people can noticably drain your energy. So I figure that non-physical beings use physical beings as an energy source but it's probably more complicated, I'm just guessing.

    I didn't have that strong a reaction to it as I got used to the process.

    But yeah, some of these folks can get you riled up. (Assuming that is your case)
    I've had a lot of dreams as a kid with monstrous demonic looking beings who scared the hell out of me. Most of them, it seemed like all they wanted to do was scare me and torment me. So my best guess is that they either get a real energy boost like a vampire, or they are just sick in the head.

    One dream I had when I was 5ish was weird. Memory is a little hazy but I remember this: It was dark everywhere and it seemed like I was underground, in a dark blue/black canyon with lots of caves and cliffs. There was a dirt pathway I was walking on lined with candles and skulls. I walked up to some sort of alter and a being with a dark cloak was standing there. I asked him about his face and he said in a deep demonic voice "I have no faaaacccceeee!" He took his hood off and I was sucked into the blackness where his head was supposed to be into a downward whirlpool where other souls were spinning.I thought I was trapt, but I woke up and crawled into my mom's bed.

    I also remember at this same age in kindergarten class, I had this fear of a black hole opening up above the classroom that would suck everyone in. I visualized it a lot and decided I would save anyone if they got sucked in. Strange thing to think about for a little kid...

    You should start here and see what causes the insomnia or any paranoid thoughts about someone being in the room.

    Remember it's not paranoia if it is actually there.
    Well, if I've been reading or watching videos about anything alien, conspiracy or demonic related, then it's harder to sleep than a day where I read gnostic stuff and played more guitar. But there is a constant fear of someone appearing beside the bed every single night regardless. Not sure how much of the fear is rational or based on fantasies though, but it's probably a bit of both. I've had a lot of sleep paralysis dreams too where I can't scream when I want to where I'm either in a dream, or in my bed with strange beings around.

    Around 6 months ago I was lying in bed, half asleep it seems and I remember someone beside my bed. (I'm always open to this stuff being psychological fantasies). He had his hand hovering (not touching) over my groin and I think he had some sort of device. If I remember correctly, I'm pretty sure I didn't have any erotic dreams, but I was sexually aroused. I remember some words were given to me, but all I remember was the phrase "...all my millions of friends...". I thought this was either mind control programming, or a weird dream resulting from my obsession with reading alien stuff, but it felt real.

    About 6 years ago, when I first started waking up to the truth, I had a dream that I was lying on a table with people around me. Someone hit the top of my head with something and a huge electrical shock went through my body... Evidence or paranoia, idk.

    Also, a room mate told me he saw a tall grey alien standing in my room staring directly at me while I laid down to sleep on my bed. I wasn't asleep though, I just had my eyes closed and was struggling to pass out. I kept thinking that I should go grab my sword from the other room and put it beside my bed. It was a rare night that I didn't have it there and while I had this huge urge to go and get it, I didn't want to because I was trying to not give into fear and 'conspiracy theories'.

    JC (room mate) woke me up with a whisper and said 'Did you see that?' I said no. And he immediately drew me a quick sketch of a tall grey looking thing with big eyes. He said that he thought he was going to die, he was sure of it. It just stared at me and when JC saw it it faded into nothingness. He was ghost white. When I asked him about it a few weeks later he said 'What are you talking about?'. He forgot about it, but remembered when I reminded him. He didn't talk about it again. He acknowledged that it happened but I think he wanted to deny it or forget about it.

    There are a few other anomalies I will write about in the future, that also make it hard to sleep sometimes.

    starving it of negativity, prayer and aligning with God are the best things to do
    I'm definitely listening to what you wrote. I'm going to pray more and make more of an effort to stay on the right path. I'm not going to obsess about alien conspiracies and demonic stuff anymore. I want to focus more on music, living life and positive religious stuff like Gnosticism.

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    lycaeus, I was referring to Dan Mitchell's comments about engaging in talk about demons and that just doing that may cause them to be around more... and I agree with that too. It's like they say, "out of mind, out of sight".

    As for Dan's comments about ET's and not talking about them either, I was not referring to those statements... only about demons which are defined as fallen angels.
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