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Thread: Stuff They Donít Want You To Know - Episodes

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    Should the United States spend billions to completely map the human brain? Will it ever be possible to build an artificial brain - and, if we do, what are the implications for the future? Join Ben and Matt as they talk about some interesting stuff that didn't make it into the Deceptive Brain series including the Singularity!

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    In 1947 a mysterious object crashed to Earth at the Foster Ranch outside of Roswell, New Mexico -- and more than 50 years later, people still don't agree on what happened. Check out the first two episodes of Ben and Matt's Roswell series back-to-back, and stay tuned for TWO new Roswell videos coming next week.

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    When an object crashed outside of Roswell, New Mexico in 1947, initial reports from both civilians and intelligence officers described the wreckage as a disc. But within a day the story changed. What happened, exactly? Tune in to learn more.

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    In the decades following the 1947 Roswell crash, researchers scrambled to find the truth behind the rumors of classified government projects, UFOs and mysterious wreckage. Some scholars believe they've found an explanation: the top-secret program known as Project MOGUL. But what was it? Why do some people believe it explains the Roswell event? Tune in to learn more.

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    Was Major Jesse Marcel a reliable witness? Were those markings on some of the debris hieroglyphics or just floral print? After making two new Stuff They Don't Want You To Know episodes on the Roswell crash, Matt and Ben delve into listener responses and recommend a few authors for everyone interested in learning more about the ongoing investigation into the crash at Foster Ranch.

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    More than two decades later, the 1988 bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland is still officially considered the work of Libya. For decades Libya had been at odds with Western powers, and was often considered a rogue state that sponsored terrorism, so it was no surprise that Libya would be a prime suspect in this tragic event. However, a growing number of people argue that Libya wasn't actually responsible -- and that Western intelligence agencies know the real culprit, but kept the information secret. Why? Tune in to Stuff They Don't Want You To Know and learn more.

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    What inspired the werewolf legends?
    Im reading this interview by Eve Lorgen with a guy named White Wolf Von Atzingen.

    He talks about how he broke free from his mind control assassin programming. He says he has always had the wolf frequency and when he was in Atlantis, that frequency was made stronger in him because he was one of the persons who had their genetic material mized with a wolf. He said he could shapeshift into a wolf ever since he was a kid. He was used in Satanic rituals with names like Baal and Moloch where he would shaeshift into a wolf to kill and eat live flesh. He says he is very allergic to silver as well. Maybe he is telling the truth? Or maybe his brain is a little messed from all the mind control. I think it's pretty possible. Shapeshifting into animals is said to be done by shamans. He also has a good website where he talks about his native training, survival and mind control deprogramming.

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    via Robert Morningstar:


    by WYNTON HALL 25 Feb 2013 66 POST A COMMENT
    Two weeks ago, Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the National Archives And Records Administration (NARA) to unearth “assassination records” and other Robert F. Kennedy Department of Justice documents housed at the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum that are currently under Kennedy family control.

    “The JFK records are clearly government records and they should be disclosed in accordance with FOIA law,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton. “This lawsuit is about much more than the Kennedy assassination. It goes to the heart of how much control a presidential family may assert over public records. These records do not belong to the Kennedy family--the records belong to the American people.”
    The lawsuit was filed on behalf of writer Max Holland.

    “Over a six-year period in the 1990s, the U.S. government spent millions of tax dollars and untold man-hours in an effort to gather in one place all assassination-related documents,” Holland said. “It was and remains outrageous that relevant government documents in the papers of the attorney general at the time are somehow out of reach.”
    Judicial Watch says that among the items included in the secret materials are seven documents the Assassination Records Review Board deems “assassination records," CIA documents involving Cuba, a January 26, 1963 Cuban Information Service message titled “The Planes That Were Not There,” a document titled “Information on Lincoln Bubble Top Automobile sinse [sic] returning from Dallas” (a Lincoln Continental with a removable bubble top was the presidential limousine used by President Kennedy), and a State Department cable from Mexico.

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    When Gaddafi's regime fell, the Libyan rebels quickly set up new infrastructure, including a central bank and an oil company. These moves -- as well as lingering questions about the nature of the rebel movement -- have fueled numerous conspiracy theories. But is there any grain of truth to claims that contradict the prevailing narrative? Tune in to Stuff They Don't Want You To Know and learn more about the fall of Libya.

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    It's the end of Matt and Ben's week on Libya, but the guys still have loads of stuff they didn't get the chance to explore. Listen in to Stuff They Don't Want You To Know and learn some quick facts about Libya's oil reserves, some rumors that didn't make it into the show, and some updates about their blogs.

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