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Thread: Pandora's Box: The 'Disclosure Lite' Program.

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    Quote Originally Posted by majicbar View Post
    And he retires to live at the Vatican's observatory near rome on an extinct volcano, coincidental?
    Interesting point...

    Does raise the question, did he retire at the observatory so they could keep a close eye on him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post

    Some Additional points of interest:

    - It is people on the civilian side that are pushing for this.
    - The military controls the actual hard evidence and are against official Disclosure.
    - The technical people 'in the know' have nothing to lose, as they would not be hit by all of the questions and FOIA requests.
    - ET as a demonic entity is a meme that was started to keep the truth hidden.
    - There is a group of 3, 4 and 5-star officers who are attempting to squash this program.
    - The UT basis for ET is a meme that came from them.
    Some thoughts on this topic based on research & first hand experience, not aimed at anyone in particular, just my opinions.

    I thought the Ultra Terrestrials was coined by John Keel, who unlike other UFO researchers didn't cherry pick his cases to make the narrative fit the desired picture, he noted that all manner of phenomena goes along with UFO's, much of it seemingly absurd & nonsensical.

    The volume of testimonials from abductees very much supports the "demonic entity" theory (the ones I believe at least), the changing form of encounters with "other beings" has changed over the centuries in line with humanities ontological level & perspective.

    If these beings were straight up aliens, that is intelligent lifeforms from other planets we wouldn't be in the bizarre situation we are in, & the subject wouldn't be intertwined with occult practices.

    Surely if we were dealing with a more advance race(s) they wouldn't torture & mutilate people & animals, nor would they mess with peoples minds & encourage dabbling in the occult & woo woo things like channeling.

    I think that sci-fi has been used to great effect to steer this subject, specialists in the art of "making things up" also draw heavily on sci-fi, Corey Goode comes to mind lol.

    An awful lot of made up material has been pushed into the UFO realm, and not just new age beliefs & memes either, it's like an entire mind set that I would put a certain popular forum "leader" pretty close to the centre of.....lets just say he wears a hat.

    It's quite telling that these entities like to keep their victims in a mystified state, and energetically wide open, usually via dabbling in new age woo woo, they like to keep interest open but nothing ever comes to anything, it's like a series of crazes, as one fades another starts, but nothing truly meaningful or concrete ever happens.

    Jacques Vallee really hit on something with his "meta data" approach, that is look at the bigger picture, comparing cases gives a mind opening revelation that being lost in the details doesn't, that we are seeing the same types of phenomena over & over, and it's seems to revolve more around the paranormal & mystical rather than anything suggesting real alien vistors from outer space.

    Then there is the testimonies of abductees who claim they have stopped what was often decade of abductions by renouncing satan & embracing Jesus, it's beyond credible that visitors from another planet would flee at the name of Jesus, but it's not what anyone wants to hear though.

    It's not uncommon for abductees to experience periods of heightened psychic abilities & high strangeness following abductions either.

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    Something I meant to add (age lol)

    Recently there has been a new "thing" that appeared on the UFO scene, namely F.R.E.E this organisation seems very keen to control the narrative, and very strangely I got an unsolicited email from them when they started their "abductee consulation", how the hell they got my email is very strange, I only use that account for forums & it's not in my real name !

    If anyone else on here did that survey I would like to share notes, personally I found the format very odd, like you could only tell them what they wanted to hear !

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    Consider that there are many parallel universes that coexist in the same space as our own universe. Some call them ghost universes too. And not only that, they are also composed of the same particles and fields that are presented in the classical model of physics.

    Now suppose that there are beings from these other ghost universes that have developed technology to interact in various ways and to various degrees and densities with our own universe.

    But this is not to say that there isn’t also intelligent life on other planets too and, having said this, we should consider that those on those other planets also share the same ghost universes that are embedded into our own space too.

    We could also infer that those planets that are technologically advanced are able to travel across those ghost universes to manifest in various ways onto our own planet.

    If any of this is true, and I think that there is a strong possibility that it is, then it’s important for us to be open-minded about the possible veracity of those personal accounts shared by experiencers/contactee’s …. no matter how ‘off-the-wall’ those stories may be.
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    Some of the idea’s expressed in my last post come from the following article in Nature entitled...
    A quantum world arising from many ordinary ones
    Radical theory proposes that interactions between classical worlds can explain some quantum phenomena.

    Some of the weirder features of quantum physics — such as objects existing in multiple states simultaneously — could be explained by the existence of multiple 'parallel worlds'.

    …many worlds’ approach, pioneered by the US theorist Hugh Everett III in the 1950s, relies on the worlds branching out independently from one another, and not interacting at all.
    By contrast, Wiseman’s team envisages many worlds bumping into one another, calling it the 'many interacting worlds' approach. On its own, each world is ruled by classical Newtonian physics. But together, the interacting motion of these worlds gives rise to phenomena that physicists typically ascribe to the quantum world.
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    For it is in giving that we receive.
    ~ St. Francis of Assisi

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