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Thread: Westall, Melbourne Australia's best mass sighting 1966

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    There was one eoisode of the series, "close encounters" dedicated to this story. It seems a very solid case to me.

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    Any Aussies out there?

    Westall UFO sighting witnesses to speak about the 1966 alien encounter at Clayton South
    Sam Bidey, Moorabbin Glen Eira Leader
    March 12, 2017 9:00am

    Westall ‘UFO’ truth finally revealed
    The truth behind our UFO mysteries
    ‘We are closer to getting answers’

    MEET the people whose lives were forever changed when they encountered what they believe was an alien spacecraft.
    The story as it was reported in The Dandenong Journal.

    At 6am on April 6, 1966, Clayton South became host to one of Australia’s most intriguing mysteries when more than 200 school students witnessed an unidentified flying object.

    It was Australia’s largest mass UFO sighting.

    More than half a century later and a select group of witnesses will share their story at Victorian UFO Action’s event Westall — The Witnesses Speak....


    Westall — The Witnesses Speak will include the showing of documentary, Westall ’66: A Suburban UFO Mystery, a presentation from amateur investigator Shane Ryan and a Q and A panel with up to 12 witnesses.

    It will take place at Kingston Arts Centre, 64 Parkers Rd, Parkdale, on April 2 from 12pm-5.30pm.

    Full article

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