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Thread: British MOD release of UFO documents

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    Interesting development om the UFO docs released by the MOD

    ...“Propulsion, stealth, and any novel electromagnetic technologies are of particular interest,” the confidential memos added.

    But the report, by a senior air force commander, reached the conclusion that an enemy power may have already have a UFO in its grasp.

    “Monitor all reports in case in the future the hitherto unknown/not understood underlying phenomena is being exploited by another nation,” he wrote.

    “An actual – or potential enemy – could develop a flying device with the characteristics that these phenomena seem to have.”

    Particular attention should be paid to any aircraft behaving like a UFO with the tell-tale signs of “high velocities, sharp manoeuvre, stationary ‘flight’, and few radar returns”, he added....

    And they show it wasn't just the United States who were worried that the Russians or the Chinese might back engineer at UFO before they did so did the British!

    All credit to Dave Clarke who trawled through the docs his analysis is here
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