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Thread: So... what are aliens up to now?

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    I don't know why but I think the 144,000 means 144,000 truths.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ik9 View Post
    To be honest, I think the ideas of aliens / extraterrestrials wanting to "exploit us for resources" is human projection (it is human beings who exploit). Isn't that saying that they're really no different at all from human beings?
    I don't see what would make them an exception. Sure they have advanced technology and psychic abilities, but that doesn't guarantee they are spiritually advanced as well. What does being kindhearted have to do with making calculations, building machines, manipulating the ether, and ripping open portals? I don't think technological progress always comes with spiritual progress. Sometimes the opposite.

    So what's the basis for saying every last alien is a saint? If they are all benevolent, then why do their stories contradict one another, proving that some of them are lying? If they are all benevolent, then why have they fought one another throughout history, proving they are capable of violence and don't all share the same intentions?

    Why would benevolent beings give technology / guidance / instructions to the Nazis? Why have some contactees been warned by their own alien contacts that there are other aliens here seeking to exploit and manipulate mankind?

    If aliens have freewill, if they have different histories, predispositions, needs, etc. then they probably also have different spiritual orientations, intentions, or agendas. To me, it's more plausible that aliens are of varying intentions, some really benevolent, some really malicious, and everything in between.

    I'd say they're different in the sheer sophistication of their methodology. But keep in mind the aliens people most commonly encounter have two eyes, two legs, two arms, two nostrils, and are capable of breathing our air, being hybridized with us, or directly interbreeding with us. So they're not all 100% different. They seem to require food, energy, resources just like we do, just not the same kind always.

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    What do they eat, and how?

    It's mind blowing to me that there is more than one species of aliens / extraterrestrials, and just as mind blowing that they've fought throughout history (how could anyone know that?!).

    I don't know much at all, but I do think that humans are simply projecting. To say that they want to "exploit us for resources" creates an atmosphere of hostility and enemy mindedness. That's typical of human beings, and I'd have to do nearly a lifetime of study to know for sure if the same could be said about aliens / extraterrestrials. I don't think they need human beings, or anything on Earth, for anything. Nor do we need them for anything. But then again, I'm aware that I know so very little. Next to nothing at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ik9 View Post
    What do they eat, and how?
    I've heard all kinds of anecdotes about that. It depends on the physiology of the being. Examples I've come across:

    - grays being fed a nutrient solution made from human/cattle secretions that they absorb through their skin
    - human-looking aliens that eat jello cubes, fruits, veggies, or very simple foods by mouth
    - other human-looking ones that eat crystalline beads that they psychically de-molecularize and absorb into their semi-physical bodies
    - mantis and reptillian beings that eat flesh
    - I don't believe that bit about grays liking strawberry ice cream (said by "Falcon" during the 1988 "UFO Coverup Live" -- ironic title -- broadcast)
    - some needing our lifeforce/emotional/etheric energy for sustenance or power; I find this plausible since even humans can psychically vampire off each other and feel better for it, and demons/ghosts do it all the time to us, so why not some aliens too...

    It's mind blowing to me that there is more than one species of aliens / extraterrestrials, and just as mind blowing that they've fought throughout history (how could anyone know that?!).
    If you scan through the various abduction anecdotes on the net, the UFO/abduction/contactee books/websites/videos out there, then expand into Fortean phenomena (that John Keel and Charles Fort wrote about), and then read between the lines of ancient history and folklore, religious accounts of the 'gods', etc. -- you do came away with the impression that "aliens" vary a lot in their physiology and agenda. Now, some people have personal experience with them, and know for fact that there are different types of aliens and different agendas at play. But if you've never gone through it yourself, then it just takes sorting through the data and making a best fit guess based on the circumstantial evidence.

    I don't know much at all, but I do think that humans are simply projecting. To say that they want to "exploit us for resources" creates an atmosphere of hostility and enemy mindedness.
    Right, I agree there are projectors. It's funny that you can be against aliens because you're bigoted, uninformed, programmed ... or you can be against them because you've had personal experience, done the research, compared the notes, etc. to know with very good reason that some aliens are trouble. Ok, so just because both wear the same frown, doesn't mean both are ignorant projectors of human biases. The same goes for the idea that aliens are benevolent. Some say that also based on programming, lack of information, and naivete. Others meanwhile, have had personal experience, connected the dots, compared the notes to know that not all aliens are evil monsters. So all I can do is say that it's likely a combination of both, some good some bad and in between, as there are reasons supporting both possibilities so it can't just be one or the other.

    I wrote an article series here - - that outlines my 'best fit guess' on the alien presence. I've been studying this subject since '93 and have dealt with alien activities on and off throughout my life, and am always looking to improve the theory to take more stuff into account. I mention it because you said it would take a lifetime to get to the bottom of it, and I've done my best to distill a lot of sources down into something workable in that article series so that might give you a head start if you're interested.

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    Thanks, I'll definitely read the articles link. I've had some experiences myself but I admit that I truly can't understand much of anything.

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    Thanks, I'll definitely read the articles link. I've had some experiences myself but I admit that I truly can't understand much of anything.
    Haha not with that attitude Montalk's articles are really good and clear so most people can get a decent grasp of some topics that can be really complicated, especially with so much conflicting information out there. I'm sure they will help.
    "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock."

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    I've already read the first page, I'm definitely into it and will keep reading. This stuff is super complicated, even if some pieces and parts can be reduced to simplicity. I'm not a young person and I'll tell ya: life is complicated without aliens / extraterrestrials. I expect the rest of my life to involve endless seeking, searching, studying... about a lot of things!

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    It's been interesting to observe the rise in awareness of reptilians over the last couple of years. Look how many rep related videos are appearing on YouTube and the number of hits they're getting. They're getting lots of negative hype.A friend who's into gaming mentioned a big PS3 title that made reference to shape shifting lizard men controlling the world. I wonder what this all about.Part of the plan maybe?

    Not specifically rep related but last year we had Roddy Piper coming out and stating that "They Live" is a documentary.That seemed to raise a few eyebrows.

    So I would agree there certainly seems to be a slightly more negative element being fed into the public's awareness of aliens.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fore View Post
    People often say free energy is something the governments of Earth are suppressing because of oil interests.

    But I question that. If you knew some party with advanced technologies and knowledge was about to weave their way unto your own turf and kick you to the curb....would it even make sense to withhold such technology?

    Wouldn't it make ample sense to deleverage the situation by allowing cheap energy technology (not based on fossil fuels) to be unleashed on the population to make any visitors gifts alot less enticing?

    Not unless your willing to suck what ever is left out of said population til the very end and let them deal with all the crap that is to come and then pack your bags and the select few and high tail out here(off of earth) when it starts to go down hill fast.


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    Where to begin?

    Perhaps I should start by informing the admins of this forum, that they are seeking what they already are – UltraTerrestrials. I cannot prepare you for some of the information that will slowly trickle onto the screen before your eyes, if allowed. Some of the information I have been witness to has came at a great cost to my family, at times still unfolding.

    I will present what information I am able to while still secured to its ever unfolding mysteries.

    I attempted to locate a more recent image of Chris Iverson, Garuda, and Fore to help illustrate the real world you are living in, likely blinded to another reality. In their absence, I will use others from around the world. I do hope some latitude will be tendered in this regard. It's not all sunshine and rainbows when contemplating the phenomenon of UFO's.

    When you begin to see how strong, money, has become in the world, there is little to smile about.
    When you realize how strong 'up' is, it fundamentally shatters your every perception of reality immersing you within ontological shock.

    If you do not believe UltraTerrestrials exist, you soon will. Anyone who reads this post, should spend some time gazing into their mirrors. There is a 'shoulders up' reality affixed to the phenomenon you may have never witnessed while spending so much time staring into this nighttime sky in admiration of is silent beauty. In the video above, Red, is the color of the apple. Pay close attention to my words.


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