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    Big thanks to Chris for giving me the green light here

    A normal adolescent guy, with some unusual experiences, even for the alternative world. I have various interests, culture, behavior, biology and astronomy to name a few more prevalent ones. From what I have seen so far this forum is a really cool place and I'm looking forward to my stay here .

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    Welcome aboard Antares, there is quite the range of topics to dive into here, enjoy!

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    Good to have you here at the forums.

    Is your name and avatar based on the star Antares?
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    @epo - Thanks! I'm enjoying it so far

    @Casper - Yes, that's my nickname, and my current avatar depicts the binary Antares too. Luckily the nickname wasn't taken here. I remember trying to sign up with that nickname to for example, but they seem to have banned all the names of stars, for some odd reason. Imagine the frustration of astronomy lover like me lol.

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