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Thread: The Apollo Moon Missions Were Faked in a Studio

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    We know from out takes that production could not have possibly pulled off faking the Moon flights on a sound stage.
    You're not addressing the anomalies. The anomalies show that they were on a sound stage.

    Here's one I hadn't come across yet when I made the list.

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    There is enough evidence to show they were on the moon and there is enough evidence with some pictures to show it was clearly not the moon. So what gives? Well what do you want to show the public when you know there is "cool" stuff you dont want the rest of the world to see? You get pictures that show, oh nothing but space rock, dust and what not. There is a lot of documentation about sets and other things that helped in the process of going to the moon. Now if something went wrong Im sure those sets and models would be used to go to for a live shot if they had to. In my opinion its all true to a certain extent but the bottom line is Yes we went to the moon and yes some of the pictures taken where not from the moon.


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    Over the years, I was told by three independent sources that photos were staged and that alternative footage was shot in advance in case anything would go wrong, or something unexpected would happen. As it turned out, so the story goes, there was a UFO in sight, and there were ruins in sight. That was not what they wanted the public at large to see. At that stage, temporarily, use was made of the footage that was shot in advance.

    Also good to know, a former member of the forum (who is now late) was present at Mission Control during the first moon landing, and always was very adamant that we did go.
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