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Thread: Michael Wolfr Kruvant - 'Catcher's of Heaven - Fact or Faked?

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    Michael Wolfr Kruvant - 'Catcher's of Heaven - Fact or Faked?

    I talked on the phone many times to Michael Wolf Kruvant, ‘Catchers of Heaven.’
    We talked up until he died. I offered to buy his notes from a family member.
    They were not interested.

    After Michael wrote his book, admitting he was involved with the NSC and aliens, the UFO world went nuts for a while.
    As his health issues became critical, Pilot and UFO investigator, James (Jim ) Courant interviewed him. Link below.
    Jim Courant was one of the ones at the IUFOC that vetted me and my documents. When I said Jim exploited Michael I did not mean that in terms of taking advantage or Michael, but trying to get the truth about Michael out, as opposed to the myth.
    But, after Michael died, his brother Ron gave an interview debunking Michael. Link below.

    The strange thing is that when I questioned Michael over the phone, he would always answer correctly when I asked about military programs/projects, who was in charge of them, etc. I mostly asked him things only me and my friends knew. So if he was lying then he was brilliant at it. I also knew that he had a mental breakdown towards the end of his life. He was on huge doses of morpheme and condone. He said the secret government was destroying his mind to keep him from talking. So was he lying or is his brother lying? Don’t know. But I do know that he was on massive amounts of pain medicine when he wrote 'Catchers of Heaven.'
    Ed Fouche....

    Dr. Michael Wolf Interview with James Courant (home) pt.1
    01/07 MICHAEL WOLF KRUVANT, The Catchers of Heaven
    (Family debunking)

    On January 19, 2008 in this one-hour interview, Ron Kruvant, exposes his older brother Michael Wolf Kruvant, author of The Catchers of Heaven 1996. Ron provides his telephone numbers for the researcher to talk with him in more detail, at the end of the interview.

    Michael did not have any college degrees.
    Did not get married and have a child.
    Did not loose a wife and child in a car accident, etc.
    Did not fly a jet in Vietnam, nor serve in the military.
    In reality Michael's mother supported him most of his life while he lived in Hartford, CT.
    It is an interesting study in itself to see how fabrications are spread from book to book and website-to-website, with out any one doing some simple research to check it out.
    This interview was conducted in Maplewood, NJ across the street from Columbia High School where Michael graduated in 1959.
    I talked with Michael on the phone when I lived in North Carolina after reading his book. Then I talked with his stepsister who told me his true situation and life history. In disgust I dropped the whole matter and walked away from further investigation. Then on July 15, 1998 I moved to New Jersey and was working for an in ground concrete swimming pool company and one day my boss said, "go get a building permit for Kruvant in Livingston". This was one of Michael's cousins. So I picked the research trail up again, since I was now living in Michael's old stomping grounds. Then later, I got a job in Cedar Grove and drove twice a day past the place where Michael's brother, Ron, lived in Maplewood, right across the street where Michael went to High School. So I decided to do the interview. The whole story about Michael can be read in the historical law books on the shelves in NJ. When his parents got divorced, his mother was stuck with footing all of his bills while he lived in Hartford getting mental health care.

    Michael was born 7-4-1941, therefore he was 26 at the time of this court case and still not able to work and support himself.
    This LAW RECORD documents in great detail where Michael lived and the mental condition he was in after graduating from Columbia High School in 1959.
    The only college he attended was for a brief time in 1960 at Upsala College in NJ, which is now closed.

    The full interview with Ron Kruvant on DVD can be purchased from:

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    Liars can indeed be very good. Delusional people can be even better at telling believable tales.

    I had an acquaintance who had actually been a Captain in the Army, which is an accomplishment. He served in Supply, not as a Company Commander in the Infantry as he told people he was. He told great stories about Viet Nam that fooled me--and I had been in the Army also. His genius was in what he left out. His stories always had a hint of something held back--as if he was sparing us a horror and respecting a confidence. The first hint I had that he was a fraud was when he told a story I knew about and it did not seem possible to me that he could have been there. I never challenged him. I can't say why. But I can understand how skilled interviewers get fooled.

    The irony was that he invited me to meet his father who came to visit him and stay for a week. We were sitting in the living room and the guy excused himself for a minute. As soon as we were alone the first words his father ever said to me were, "Jim lies so much." He said it softly and sadly. In the next few days his father filled me in on his true history. He had a fairly mundane military career although he actually had been wounded and had a VA pension of maybe 50% disability. For some reason he built the rest of his life around embellishing the truth with a totally false history and persona. The only reason I can think of for his deception is that it was easier than making a real life.

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