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Thread: Demise of alienscientist forum?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edgar Fouche View Post
    You altered the document database which I've pointed out more than once.
    You altered your Skype database, which I've clearly shown how you did it.
    And made it read like you wanted. It's easily done.

    The second draft, is the one I was confused about because of an OBVIOUS Date error.
    After going searching further into my boxes of documents I found the final approved document that is in my records.
    Nothing has been edited, and you know it.

    Regarding the document, I've spoken to an active duty Air Force Master Sergeant, and a retired Navy Commander. They both said there is no reason you would have more than one copy of an out of cycle evaluation. They both call BS. Nothing on those documents has been edited by me. I ask everyone that reads this to get a copy of each from Edgar Fouche or any other source besides myself, and do the same thing I did in my video. They will see the same things...

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Hilton View Post
    My most recent video which is an updated version of the previous one.

    The documents used in this video are available here:

    Version 1:

    Version 2: Version 2.jpg

    Version 3: Version 3.jpg
    If anyone wishes to see the original emails used at the end of this video, simply PM me and ask. I will be happy forward you all three emails from Edgar Fouche with his original document attachments.
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