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Thread: Britain's best contact case?

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    Well, the fact that almost all of the images are blurred is a cause for concern, it certainly make it much easier to hide evidence of fakery. On the flip side, if BEAMS have been following this case for as long as is claimed you would expect them to have exposed any hoax long before they put together the documentary.

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    The website is back up & there is a pdf presentation on the hoaxing - yet I feel almost that he "doth protest too much" - or am I totally fooled??

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    Hardly looks like britains best contact case.
    Had a look through it quickly on sat. Every image is so blurred it is impossible to see what's really going on.
    That for anyone should start the alarm bells ringing. Just because the photos weren't tampered with digitally doesn't mean someone did buy a toy alien use some clever lighting then defocus the image take some shots and them someone they are real? Any other witnesses?
    Also never a good idea to trust anonymous testimony it can't be verified.
    Very dubious in my opinion.

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