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Thread: Secret Space Program: Richard Dolan

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    Secret Space Program: Richard Dolan

    The Secret Space Program Conference was held on the 3rd of April 2011 in Amsterdam.

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    Currently watching his 2014 talk, any opinions?

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    I'm surprised he hasn't been killed.

    For example.

    Not Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Area 51.
    Can anyone on this Forum do a FOIA on US Patents on how many Secret Patents there are in the US?

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    I have a great respect for Richard Dolan.

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    Maybe our visitors are in the business of counterfeit money which they are using to fund, with their human partners, those black projects. Considering the kind of advanced technology they have, making money would be as easy as pie.

    Dolan is saying it's drug money but I can't see them going through all of the hassle of securing funds like that when they could just as easily manufacture the money instead with the assistance of the sames ones who have been giving them their advanced technology.
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    He speaks well. I wish him luck.

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