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Thread: How easy is it to hoax a UFO video?

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    How easy is it to hoax a UFO video?

    I thought this would be good to post here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Marvin View Post

    Mmm, yes, very curious, very interesting...

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    Too bad that some people with that kind of talent, waste it on hoaxing as they do...

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    Green Screen Effects

    I was doing some research today on 'Green Screen' video effects. I have Power Director (PD) 12 and a borrowed copy of Camtasia 8.1.

    I usually do my youtube videos with PD-12. But I noticed my Camtasia has the ability to to it also.

    I want to be able to record my voice and perhaps a guest using Oovoo and also play a video or project still images in the background.

    Any helpful suggestions?

    Ed Fouche

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