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Thread: Debunked Yet?

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    Art Bell is the tits. I bet he has some info he isn't sharing. ;-)
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    Does anyone have anything interesting about the "Lacerta Files"?
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    The re-fueling from the sun is my favorite one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Pandora'sParadox View Post
    Does anyone have anything interesting about the "Lacerta Files"?
    Rico Kolodzey most likely wrote lacerta or was in cahoots with someone.

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    Thanks for responding. I figured "Lacerta" was an out right hoax...due to the limited information backing it. But...still intriguing non the less.

    I'm currently looking into this "Massive craft re-fueling from the sun" it is in the link provided with the group of youtube vids. It appears to come from Mexico or Spain. (I can hear Spanish, but can't distinguish between dialects.) But the video just blew my mind...and happens a lot. O_o
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    Attention is on this now...LoL Thanks to all of you putting up with my frantic posting.

    Live Long and Prosper.

    \ \/ /
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    Wikipedia is a joke... I know I might come across with some already dis-proven information, but that is the point of the "exchange of information" these sites are built off of. Having a website that the general public can edit and create without any permissions is immediately admissible.
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    LOL, Well, hey truth is where you find it. And you are correct sites like wiki and the outpost are open to any body to say any thing they want, but I always hope that they will not be made a joke. Then again truth is always subject to personal perception. Dang, the smoke is getting thick for some reason.

    LOL sorry I'm being offensive again... Funny thing truth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whoknows View Post
    Funny thing truth.

    One can write a whole thread on TRUTH verses FACT.


    Mmm, yes, very curious, very interesting...

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